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*Update* Just received the worst call ever

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I went into the doctors yesterday to get a growth scan done since I have been measuring so big, the baby has been on the bigger side this whole pregnancy but yesterday her numbers were off the charts. Her legs are/were 35w5d (which is the GA, perfect), her stomach was 40w(4 weeks bigger then what she should be) and her head measured at 41w4d (a whopping 5 weeks bigger) The tech sent the scans to the on-call doctor since the baby is measuring in the 97th percentile and is estimated to weigh 9lbs 1oz ( + or - 1.6lbs) since nothing looked abnormal they sent me home. 

I just got a call from one of the high risk ob's asking if I could go in tomorrow for another scan due to swelling  because "it could be nothing or there could be something seriously wrong with the baby". I didn't/couldn't ask where she thought the swelling was but of course I agreed that I will be there tomorrow no matter what.

The positives are that all my blood work and all of the scans (including 3D) have been perfect with no abnormalities. My fingers are crossed that the tech just royally messed up and took some funky photos and the fact that the high risk doc is fine with me going in tomorrow instead of going to L&D or the ER tonight is a good sign. I just don't know what to do, what to think, i'm just numb. As i'm typing this my daughter is kicking away so I know she is good but...... the unknowns are killing me right now.
UPDATE: thank you everyone for the thoughts and prayers, just got out of the doctors office and everything is normal. The doctor informed me they were worried about heart failure because it looked like there was fluid building up between her skin and skull. Turns out the stupid tech thought my very full bladder was a part of her skull....... I don't even have time to be mad I'm just thankful everything is ok.

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Re: *Update* Just received the worst call ever

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