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Hmm ?

so a few weeks ago I posted a BF discussion and got all the answers I possibly needed but, now I need more questions answered.
This crossed my mind and now that I keep thinking on it I'm curious...

The doctor who will be delivering my LO is inducing me on Tuesday and I will be exactly 39 weeks .
As of now my breast aren't sore/tender nor leaking (none of that ever happened) and actually seem to be getting smaller. Since I'm being induced and my body is being forced to do things will BF still be possible? Or would they need to give me something to help things to get going?

How does BF and being induced work? Or does it have any affect at all ?

Re: Hmm ?

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  • My breast were never sore, leaking or grew during pregnancy. All that happened after I started bf & pumping with all 4 of my kids :)
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  • Yep, your body will get the hormonal cue once the baby and placenta are out. I had a c section with zero labor and my milk came in just fine 3 days later. Also, I had no leaking or tenderness before hand. I exclusively BF twins for a year successfully so try not to worry. I have heard of c section moms having a lag in milk production but that didn't happen for me and you (hopefully) won't be having one anyway!
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  • @emmacake08 so you said your milk didn't come in till 3 days after . If anything like that were to happen they just formula feed baby till I'm able to BF I'm assuming ? Because baby has to eat somehow.
  • I've been induced twice, both times I had no problem with milk supply within the hour of delivery- your body will at least provide the colostrum as soon as it recognizes you have delivered. I think? :)
  • My best friends milk came in 2-3 days after she was induced and she hadn't leaked beforehand either.
  • Took my milk 5 days to come in the first time. I only supplemented 1/2oz twice because baby went 12hrs without a wet diaper. I made sure to nurse before and after giving that tiny amount.

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  • Mine were in special care so they were getting formula (literally the only they've had in their lives). When I got colostrum, they would put it on swabs in their mouths until it turned to milk for bottles with enough volume to replace the formula. They weren't strong enough to nurse and they push higher calorie formula feeds with preemies which is what makes their early feeding history different than a full term babe. They ate BM a lot better too. They were struggling with some feeds and once my milk came in they did eat better. If for some reason LO can't nurse and/or you need to pump, it's no big deal to start with formula (especially with exclusively pumping) as long as you're pumping enough to make your full supply come in.
    Usually though as PP said, LO will be fine to nurse and get what's coming without supplementation. Pumping has more transparency for what you're getting (which is the good part of pumping and the reason people can question BF even when things are good) and a baby is better at getting milk out of a breast than a pump. Also, since they were twins, I was splitting that early colostrum 2 ways so I think it would have fed one baby just fine.
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  • laineyjewellaineyjewel member
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    @emmacake08 so you said your milk didn't come in till 3 days after . If anything like that were to happen they just formula feed baby till I'm able to BF I'm assuming ? Because baby has to eat somehow.

    It is normal to get your milk in a few days after delivery. The first couple days you are producing colostrum, which is highly nutritious. It seems like they aren't getting much those first couple days, but their stomachs are so tiny and they really only need a tiny bit of colostrum to fill it and keep their blood sugars up. But moms often feel like their babies aren't getting enough in the beginning, so they give formula... But it is totally unnecessary to do so, and, if you are planning on exclusively breastfeeding it is best to not give formula at all.
    This. Completely.
    At birth a full term baby's stomach will be the size of a ping pong ball. The colostrum you produce in the first few days after birth is all a full term healthy baby needs. If you feed with formula then your body will not know how much you need to produce, since nursing will help your body determine how much baby needs.

    Good luck on your BF adventure!

    Edited since my phone posted before I was finished typing...
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