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UO Thursday

Anyone got a good one? I need reading material. I have a clingy 16 day old baby that won't sleep unless she is on my chest so I'm trapped in my bed until further notice :|

Re: UO Thursday

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  • Yep, didn't even know this was a thing. Saw a brief post on Facebook. People do lots of dumb things and the media selects what's going to be an issue and what's not. I agree there are bigger problems to focus on.
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  • I was lurking on one of the other boards & the amount of ungrateful women bitching about what they got from their baby showers made me wish I could throat punch them through my phone. As my kids love to say "you get what you get so don't throw a fit". If my 6 year olds comprehend this then so should a bunch of grown women. Nuff said %-(

    I would also like to add when did people get the idea that other people should provide for their children?!.. k end rant

    I can't believe you'll lurk a board that has preggie beetches at that stage of pregnancy. I was about to lose my mind over them on our board. Thank goodness baby shower stage of pregnancy is over ;) I deserve ALL the baby swag on porcelain china while peacocks frolic in the grass behind us... =))
    Lol!!! I shouldn't have lurked.. My eye's were rolling so hard I thought they might get stuck in the back of my head! =))

    @sandrabrooke I think there is an exception to used bloody underwear :-O
  • My UO is that I'm sick of people who get into any physical activity that requires tons of $$ on gear. I see guys riding all through town on their $1000 bicycles with full bike dress and shoes like they're on the Tour de France. Another acquaintance is into rock climbing all of the sudden and just bought $600 worth of gear :-? Whatever happened to putting on tennis shoes and going for a hike?

    Omg this! It pisses me off when people brag about their accomplishments skiing for this reason! Like, great you took a HELICOPTER to the top of a mountain and used your several thousand dollar gear to do some tricks with your fancy go pro and selfie stick... I live in CO so I can't escape this kind of bragging! If you're good at skiing you probably also have a trust fund. Nuff said.
  • Mine is that I don't care about the lion killer that's in the news. He's my dentist or at least was. And always has such funny stories to share. He paid a lot of money for people to take him on this adventure and relied on them for their knowledge. I Don't think we should kill lions as they are endangered.....but people are more upset about a lion than human babies. Like seriously... I think there are bigger things to get offended by.

    Priorities people....

    Here's my UO take on this - the story stands for 'bigger picture' stories, not just the death of one lion. That is, is it ok to sacrifice one animal of an endangered species to use the funds to conserve others? Who is responsible for allowing these sorts of things to happen - ie should the USA place stricter laws on trophy imports? And What kind of person gains pleasure from killing?

    Secondly, imagine how much GOOD he could have done for the environment, or indeed people, spending that money on conservation or aid work in Africa, instead of getting his personal jollies killing an animal.

    This! 1000%

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