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Hi all- I've been lurking for awhile and read that you're supposed to introduce yourself before you start responding to posts! I'm Lauren (guess my username have that away), I'm 27 and have been married 10 months. My hubby and I are currently TTC baby #1. This is cycle #2 so I'm definitely a newbie to all of this stuff. First cycle we just did the BD a lot and hoped for the best, we had when I've learned from all of you is a "chemical pregnancy" and we are hopping right back on the wagon this month. I am temping and using OPK at this time. I'm excited to learn even more from all of you... And wish everyone a BFP in the near future! :)
Me (31) & DH (32)
Married 9/27/2014
DD Born 6/23/16
Baby #2 Due 3/7/20

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    Welcome! Did you go to the doctor to confirm you were pregnant before your CP? It would probably be helpful to have that on record in case their are problems in the future. Sorry for your loss.
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    Hello and sorry for your loss!

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    I spoke to my MD- basically I spotted 10 DPO, took a pregnancy test the day after AF was supposed to arrive and got a BFP but then AF came 2 days later. I was really upset but am going with the "at least things work" attitude after nearly 10 years on the pill. MD says to keep trying but take pregnancy tests a few days after a missed pregnancy to prevent defeat.
    Me (31) & DH (32)
    Married 9/27/2014
    DD Born 6/23/16
    Baby #2 Due 3/7/20
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    Sorry for your loss. 
    But, Welcome! 
    Good Luck in this TTC Journey! 
    ME: 24 | HIM: 30
    Dr put me on BC pills at age 18 to regulate period. 
    <3 Got Married July 2013  <3
    TTC: Since Jan. 2014. 
    Diagnosed with PCOS Fall 2014. (Not IR)
    Fertility Acupuncture March 2015 - December 2015
    First BFP on 2/6/2016!

    (Typical Cycle length 35-48 days)

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    Welcome! I'm sorry for your loss.

         TTC #1 --- BFP #1 5/15, loss at 5 weeks --- BFP #2 12/15, loss at 4+3 --- RE testing 3/16 normal, still trying for our rainbow    

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    So sorry for your loss, many of us (including me) have been in that position and the gals have all been great support! Hope your time here is short, but welcome!
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    jsassyjsassy member

    Me: 35 - DH: 34
    Married: 08/2009
    BFP #1: 11/2010 - DS born 07/2011
    TTC #2: 02/2014
    RE Dx-Unexplained IF: 06/2015
    BFP #2: 08/12/15 - MC 08/27/15
    BFP #3: 03/11/16 - CP
    BFP #4: 04/09/16 - DD born 12/2016  <3

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    Hello! Good luck. I'm sorry for your loss.
    TTC + medicated cycles
    3/2015: Start TTC
    8/2015: PCOS Dx
    4/2016: BFP, Loss (4+5)
    2/2017: BFP

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    Sorry for your loss. Welcome and best of luck to you
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    Sorry for your loss. Welcome and good luck!


    Yep, I went there!
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