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So much pain!

amontalvo92amontalvo92 member
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have any of you had constant UTI's just throughout your pregnancy?! I'm going onto my 3rd one and the dr just told me it was normal. I've been taking antibiotics but this morning I was in severe pain. I called the dr and she thinks I'm passing a kidney stone and said she can't do anything for me.. I was really upset about it.. Anyone out there been there and can tell me how to deal with all this pain?

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  • enkbenkb member
    Sorry you are going through this! I have had frequent uti's (typically 1 every 2-3 months) since I was a teenager, so I know how miserable they can be. I found heating pads or hot water bottles to be somewhat helpful, and also drinking riduculous amounts of water. I know peeing more is the last thing you want to do, but the more dilute the urine the less it hurts. I also use the over the counter pills that turn your pee orange, but I'm blanking on the name and don't know of they are safe during pregnancy, def ask the dr before you'd take them. Just before getting pregnant I met with a midwife that suggested 2 things I hadn't heard of to prevent them. 1) only pee after sex if you need to go, if not, drink a glass of water right away and go as soon as you need to. I had always heard to pee right away, so I would go and it would just be a little bit, which aparently can open the door to infection without having enough fluid to flush it out. 2) Taking d-mannose powder. It is a complex sugar, the same one in cranberries, and your body doesn't get rid of it, it just goes straight to the bladder. Bacteria latch onto it and are peed out, instead of latching onto your urinary track walls. I haven't found any info on safety during pregnancy, but it is a food derived suppliment that the body doesn't absorb and my midwife recommends it, so I am comfortable taking it. I have had no utis since making these 2 changes, going on 6 months now, which is HUGE for me. Hope it helps and you feel better!
  • Ouch praying for you mama I haven't had a kidney stone but once pre pregnancy so I know any pain comin from that area.
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  • Haven't had them in pregnancy but constantly since I was a small kid until my mid-twenties. I second everything @enkb said, specially the lots of drinking water and a hot compress of some sort to relieve a little bit the pain. As she mentioned, I wouldn't take the miraculous "turning-the-pee-orange" pill while pregnant, particularly without having the ok of a doctor first. I know they are over the counter in the US (you lucky ladies) but they have been discontinued in many countries because they are not very safe (they don't sell them in Canada, with or without a prescription). Good luck and I hope you get better soon!
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