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How many months is it okay to start buying things for the baby ?

hi I am exactly 16 weeks and I wanted to know when it was OK to start buying your little one something I've always heard you shouldn't buy early just in case you miscarriage but I think I'm well passed that but I don't know when's a good time to

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Re: How many months is it okay to start buying things for the baby ?

  • Thanks everyone I was really skeptical on what to do because everyone has their own tradition but I think I'm just going to wait until I actually know the sex
  • I'm waiting until I find out the sex, but bought a cute little book (it was unique I was afraid I wouldn't cone across it again) when we were TTC.

    I have however, taken hand me downs :)
  • I got a few things a few weeks ago, because Target was having a huge sale. I'm 14 weeks now. We're going to wait until after the shower to get a whole lot more.
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    I've been getting things like diapers and blankets and stuff. Each of our close family members wants to buy us some of the big items. We are waiting to find out the gender for clothes and stuff but I probably won't buy too much bc we will get a lot of stuff at the shower. Well probably make a registry after we know the gender.
  • My hubs & I haven't bought much, I can't speak for the rest of the family though! I know my mom & dad have bought some neutral stuff, I know my brother has bought at least 1 gender specific item (they won't tel me which) but we find out August 20th and are doing a reveal party with family on the 22nd, and my cousins are really excited and I keep getting texts from them saying they bought the baby something more! So everyone else is buying loads of stuff, but we are working on getting the future baby room cleaned out so we can put a baby in there!
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    This is my second so if it's a girl I'm all set (and more) on clothes but if it's a boy we'll need to do some shopping when we find out. I'm all for spreading the expenses, I found an amazing deal for a second hand double stroller when I was 9 weeks and got it thinking I could always re-sell it and yesterday I got a beautiful bassinet second hand too. I'm not superstitious, bad things can happen at any time, but I kept all the big ticket items receipts (baby mobitor, crib...) I bought new until my first was home.
  • I went crazy buying things when I first found out. Kid's dad said to wait until I'm 5 months which will be the end of August. I'll wait because by then I'll know the gender.
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  • Iam ftm 16 week's haven't done any real shopping i bought some modern reusable nappies brand new in box at a bargain price from a 2nd hand shop and have had a few items given to me that if I didn't like I donated to charity
  • 15 weeks and I have already started buying some of the bigger things as I find them used on sale sites. I figure that I would rather stretch the spending out over a few months than have a giant expenditure right before the baby is due. Plus I want time to paint some of the secondhand things I am getting before my bump is really in the way. Do what works for you :)
  • 18 weeks and just recently put a pram on layby because it makes sense to pay it off and have it stored for me then have it laying around and if something unfortunate happens I can always cancel and get most of my money back. Also in Aus and placed an essentials layby on which can be held until Christmas of nappies bottles for hubby and wipes , baby wash etc and a special keepsake. It felt nice to feel like things were coming together but not in my face.
  • I'm 17w2d and just started picking things up. Everything has been clearance items though. If I see something for a great deal and I was planning on registering for it I'll buy it. We're not getting any big ticket items until after the anatomy scan. Luckily my scan is just before tax free weekend.
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    We'll get the crib after our 20 week US, I've heard you should order the crib around 20 weeks because they can take some time to come in. I might pick up and thing or two after that but I will probably wait until after my shower to see what I get there.
  • Whenever you want! :)
  • Im 14+3 and i have only bought really one thing which was a three piece set of onsies tjat were 50%off at carters. My grandmother started shopping as soon as she found out i was prego and as a ftm its a blessing because i have a like new bassinet 2 baby tubs amd baby monitors bibs and new diaper bag all cost maybe 20 bucks (my grandmother loves yard sales lol) but its really when you are ready to do so and are comfortable.
  • This is my second we have a boy and genetic testing confirmed a girl!! Since DS is young we will be getting a second crib because he isn't ready to transition yet. My mom is purchasing that. I bought a double stroller used at about 7 weeks because it was a steal and in great condition and I knew I'd need it. The only thing other than that I have purchased is clearance girl clothes (onesies and tiny pants) at target last week.
  • I found out my LO was a boy yesterday and I couldn't help it today and went out and bought a few things ;)!! I have been waiting since May to buy gender specific items :). Now that I have gotten that out of my system I will take it down a notch ;).
  • I'm 17 weeks tomorrow and we have done quite a bit. Not materialistic things but got the nursery started and the decor and what not purchased. My mom bought our crib, and we bought the matching dressers. But otherwise, we are just slow and steady with it :) I feel as though whenever you're comfortable to start shopping!
  • FTM, 18 weeks and we are not finding out the gender. We haven't bought anything and I'm not an impulse buyer even though I see the cutest clothes. We're going to wait until after the baby shower then budget things out so we're not spending too much in the end while also not spending things that aren't needed (too many clothes). This works for us. Good luck !!!
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