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Craving Salt

Any one else craving salt? I have been eating it straight. Probably not good but can't seem to stop. Any ideas why?

Re: Craving Salt

  • Are you having a lot of m/s? You may be losing too much sodium and you're body is trying to supplement..

    Baby F.......02/02/2016
  • @Bfavors I actually haven't had hardly any m/s. I've been on diclegis and it takes a majority of the nausea away.
  • hmm..interesting. I'd bring it up at your next appointment. It could be your body's way of retaining water. Those are the only two ideas I have..

    Baby F.......02/02/2016
  • I would stop eating so much salt. Especially if you're just eating salt that can be dangerous. I'd call and speak to a nurse rather then wait.
  • I have.

    It has to do with the excess blood volume that you are making for the baby.
  • I have always loved salt/salty food! But yeah I may have recently had a few straight coarse chunks of my pink himalayan salt . . . buuuut I may have done that before from time to time . . .
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