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Mind is spinning

This will be my third child. I have to girls already and am thinking about if we have a boy this time how different will it be. For those moms out there who have experience with both what are some differences or things I need to consider and research about. i.e. Circumsion, different things a boy may need, or am I over thinking it all? TIA!!!!

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  • I wouldn't worry about anything until you know if it's a boy.
  • I have the opposite going on at my house, its full of boys! Just be ready for rough housing and jumping off furniture, and him turning everything into a weapon LOL they are so fun! Here's hoping yu get a boy and I get a girl :) either way, T&P for a sticky healthy baby regardless of the sex :)
  • 1. Be ready for LOTS of energy
    2. New clothes, if the clothes your girls wore wouldn't work for a boy in your opinion (I know there are opinions...)
    3. Since you mentioned it, if you do circumcise, tons of extra Vaseline to gob on it for the first week or so.
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  • Definitely just wait until you know for sure. I know I'm freaking about the differences for sure but I try to reign it in until October when I find out!
  • They are just full of energy and don't like to sit still. I love it though. As for circumsion, it can very. We wanted our son to be but they refused because they said he was small but he was 8lbs. So we had to wait until he was 10 months so he could be sedated and it cost us $2000. But I think that is rare.
  • Aw. I'm in the same boat too! I have two girls 7 and almost 4. This is my last baby but I have a sneaky feeling it's a boy. You'll be fine mama. Lots of differences but your girls will love it. Congrats. We should let eachother know what we're having :)
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  • I have a boy and most of my friends have girls, so there have been quite a few differences that I've observed. Like everyone else said, get ready for lots of energy and jumping on furniture! The best part is that you can just basically unleash a boy in the backyard and he'll entertain himself for ages with picking up sticks and digging in dirt, haha!

    Also I don't know if it's just my group of friends, but the boys all seem to be heartier eaters from day 1. My son just wanted to nurse constantly and he still has a very hearty appetite.

    I always giggle when my girl mom friends talk about their girls being particular about their clothes from a young age. My boy absolutely could not care less, and most of the time he just wants to pull off his clothes & run free, lol!
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    My boy and girl toddlers are soo different. They are both very "stereotypical" as in my daughter loves princesses and crafts, etc. She's calm and sweet. She listens better than he does. My son is a little terror. He never stops moving.. he's always digging in dirt or doing something he's not supposed to. He could probably use multiple baths a day. My daughter shows affection by hugs, my son shows affection by tackling and wrestling. He's almost always on top of my daughter. When he's not busy wrestling, he's banging cars together or doing something else destructive. Now I know parents that have sweet, calm, little boys so of course it is more dependent on personality, etc and you can't judge just by sex, but I do think raising a boy is a different experience. But both definitely have their amazing, sweet, qualities!

    Edit: I totally veered off topic from your question. They don't need much different than girls. I would say they are almost more simple. You'll probably need to do extra laundry though ;).
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