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Oral Allergy Syndrome?

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So this morning I was eating a banana and my mouth started to tingle... I have had this happen before with fruit but years ago! I have had a banana everyday the past month with no issues! Still a little tingly but hopefully wearing off. Has anyone had OAS? I read unless your breathing is affected the baby should be fine. Just found it bizarre this would happen out of no where.

Re: Oral Allergy Syndrome?

  • Sorry to hear you have OAS! I have this too but with apples, pears, cherries, and other similar fruits. I have bad allergies in general and my OAS can be more noticeable if it's allergy season. I try to avoid any possible trigger foods.. Good luck and hope you haven't had any more symptoms!
  • I have this too. I have hardly had any reactions since I got pregnant so I've really been taking advantage eating cherries, nectarines and peaches like they're candy.
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    I have it with any type of melon, no watermelon for me! I just make a point of avoiding anything I know can trigger me. I also get hives so it's pretty unpleasant. 
  • I get this with pineapple a lot. It doesn't stop me though because mmmm it is so delicious.
  • I didn't know I had this until this post!!! So many questions answered once I looked it up. Thank you.
  • kmo8986 said:
    I get this with pineapple a lot. It doesn't stop me though because mmmm it is so delicious.
    this happens with everyone when they eat a lot of fresh pineapple at once...it's very acidic.
  • You should look into allergy families... Sometimes people who never knew they were allergic to something can exacerbate their reactions by exposure to something in the allergy family. For instance, avocado, banana, and latex are related.

    Story time! I knew a guy who loved bananas. Ate them all the time with no problems. Then he's hospitalized for a few days. He's been in constant contact with latex gloves and he had avocado on his sandwich for lunch. 3 pm discharge rolls around, his family has arrived to pick him up, and he decides to eat the banana leftover from lunch. Halfway through the banana, his tongue starts feeling thick. By the time he finishes the banana, he's having a hard time breathing and his face is bright red. He's rushed to the ICU and lo and behold, it's just an allergic reaction!
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  • Yep! Happens to me with mangos, cashews, and pistachios. Apparently they are all in the same family!
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