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Right Pelvic Pain 7DPO-CD22

I'm on CD 22.. Approx 6-7 DPO. For the last two days I've had sharp pains in my lower right pelvic area on and off. It started two days ago before bed and I was almost doubled over in pain, very bloated at the time. Present again this morning when I woke up (no bloating this time) and went to the bathroom. Had a hard time peeing, I almost had to let it trickle out because of the pain. Once I was finished I felt totally fine, and no symptoms since. Has anyone experienced this?? Any ideas what it may be?

Re: Right Pelvic Pain 7DPO-CD22

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    Let me find my lab coat... hang on...

    ... just kiddin, I'm only a doctor on the weekends. If you're concerned, you should call your regular PCP, us internet gals probably can't diagnose you through the interwebz.
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    Could be a UTI. But If you're having a lot of pain, it's not a bad idea to contact a doctor.

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    The only time I had "pain while peeing" was when I had a UTI. Hurt sooo bad. You should probably call your doctor- antibiotics will help if you indeed have one.

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    Sounds very much like... You need to phone the doctor.
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    To echo what the PP have said it sounds like you need to speak with your doctor.

    Full disclosure, I am not a doctor, I only play one on the internet but I've had UTIs where I'd have symptoms flare up for a few hours (urgency to urinate, pain, straining, increased frequency etc) and then subside only to come back, often worse.  Take some Cystex to treat your symptoms, drink tons of water, and go see your PCP. If untreated, UTIs can turn into a kidney infection :-(

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    Go to the doctor! I agree it sounds like a UTI.
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