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That's pregnancy....


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  • Emott13 said:

    Sitting on the beach with friends that you haven't seen in months and one of them busts out some homemade watermelon, lemonade, and vodka drink and everyone is raving about it and you're sitting there, sipping your water bottle while your one-year old terrorizes the campsite.

    Tear!!! This sort of experience is my least favorite part of pregnancy. "No guys, it's fine... Have fun drinking..." :(:(


  • Went out to a nice expensive dinner with DH tonight to celebrate our first wedding anniversary .... Threw up the whole meal on the car ride home :(

    Aw! :-( Happy anniversary though!
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  • I woke up the other day craving French toast but our eggs were expired so I went to Burger King for French toast sticks and they were sooooo yummy! 
    They are so good!!! Especially with a bacon, egg and cheese crossiant!  Breakfast time is really the only time I have an appetite so I'll all for different breakfast foods.
  • kay11916kay11916 member
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    I was watching a funny video on my phone the other night and after it was over I couldn't stop laughing. The more I thought about the video the more I had that uncontrollable laugh face thing going on where your face gets stuck. I then had tears streaming down my cheeks while realizing maybe I was crying instead. It took all I could to get my emotions under control before my husband came back in the room. Lol.. Now I can't even remember what the video was...
  • Buying a baby snowsuit in August because it's on sale and super cute......

    Also DIY onesies because your favourite superhero doesn't come on baby stuff. Yes Deadpool is a little adult but come on baby store places
  • Getting a giant cinnamon bun at the mall in a takeout container, then immediately going across to the Booster Juice for a kale smoothie to accompany said cinnamon bun.

    They were both excellent, by the way.
  • Begging my SO To bring me things home when she gets off work. And basically cryingn all day because the only thing I want is overloaded potato soup from one restaurant that's 30 minutes away
  • Crying because you couldn't figure out what you wanted to do for lunch with DH when you haven't seen much of each other....then run out of time to go out and do anything

    And waking up craving apples dipped in peanut butter mixed with vanilla yogurt...???.....annnnd scrambled eggs with hot sauce...well not the worst breakfast lol
  • Having to stop eating my favourite sneaky snack, beans on toast :-(!! Because if I fell asleep on the sofa next to DH I would always, without a doubt, lean at an angle and fart right on him, sorry ladies. He was very sweet about, and politely suggested it was time to give them a miss for now lol.
    Oh well. Xxxxx
  • Theliops said:

    Getting a giant cinnamon bun at the mall in a takeout container, then immediately going across to the Booster Juice for a kale smoothie to accompany said cinnamon bun.

    They were both excellent, by the way.

    I would totally do that. Love my kale. Love my pastries.
  • cawalp said:

    Holding my hand/s on my stomach whenever I go out so people know I'm pregnant and not just fat.

    Ha! I do the same in the car pick up line at work. (I teach) I just want parents to know I didn't eat my summer vacation away! Haha.
  • Am I the only one who is less emotional and crazy while pregnant? Normally I cry over everything and get ragey easily(usually around pms) but without a period I feel really stable. It drives me nuts though when people tell me "it's just your hormones" ... Cause actually this is the mentally best I've felt in years.
    My pregnant moments are usually food based. Need a bag of 2 bite brownies always and need to leave a room with broccoli in it.
  • Sobbing hysterically when the 3-cheese cheeseburger you order shows up w/o cheese. Then laughing while sobbing because of the horrified look on you SO's face and b/c you know just how ridiculous this is. Then sobbing even more when you realize just how many people are staring.

    This actually happened 7months into my 3rd pregnancy. Something similar happened during my 4th pregnancy. I'm hoping I have the food crying all out of my system by now.

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  • I'm the same way! I want to eat chicken for protien but can't get it down. My husband doesn't even say chicken anymore. But it's literally what we had every meal before I was pregnant. Even the smell gets me.
  • Throwing up and then going to eat a burrito, because vomit is just a part of your life now.
  • When you eat a big dinner and are hungry again an hour later. :(
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  • Having lemonade with lunch and then trying to take a nap but can't because I got up 13 freaking times to go pee. Not cool.
  • I nearly cried at work because I love my co workers so much. That's it. Just because I love them. Lol! That's pregnancy.
  • I was completely convinced I had a meeting today I even checked my email to be sure. Showed up no one was there. Rechecked my meeting is the 9th of next MONTH. Pregnancy brain is so real.  >:P
  • Meat for me at dinner has been hard, but for breakfast or even lunch is ok. The only meat that has been consistently ok at dinner is ground beef. Weird!
  • Negotiating sexual acts with DH for food you just HAVE to have. Lol
  • Eating because you have to/are hungry, getting a horrible nausea inducing headache from whatever you're eating, then throwing it all up leaving you hungry again. Vicious circle.
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