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That's pregnancy....

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Eating Burger King French toast sticks and taking a cat nap in your car only 25 minutes before a lunch date...yeah, that's pregnancy. :>

Add your moments! I know these responses are going to be hilarious.

Re: That's pregnancy....

  • I woke up the other day craving French toast but our eggs were expired so I went to Burger King for French toast sticks and they were sooooo yummy! 
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  • Crying of happiness that your partner thought of buying you Haagen-Dazs ice cream when you'd had a "bad food day" (nothing was good enough) ...
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  • Soooo being pregnant means watching emeril and another chef cry a little on Rachel Ray turns into me crying like a baby!
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  • When SO and I had a day together we had lunch with desert and ice cream at the restaurant and then went and got a waffle cone from sonic and white macadamia cookies :P my weakness cookies and ice cream! Felt bad for him though cause his cookies werent to his liking.
  • Crying any time anyone on any TV show or movie has a baby. I mean it...I've been binge watching Reba and I cried on both episodes when BJ and then Cheyenne had their babies.
  • @Leah6120 The other night I was cooking dinner with one hand and popping almonds with the other. 

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  • Wodering if there's actually a pickle flavored ice cream out there..mmmmm!
  • Crying while watching your first born feed himself with a spoon because "he is so grown up and doesn't need me anymore"
  • I woke up the other day craving French toast but our eggs were expired so I went to Burger King for French toast sticks and they were sooooo yummy! 

    Aaand now I have a craving.

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  • @jfritschie87 take some vanilla ice cream, drizzle a bit of pickle juice over it and dip the spears in. ;) I'm more of a french fries in the ice cream girl these days but I think that would work.
  • ashhsaashhsa member
    @Leah6120 you have just triggered me! French fries and icecream! I want!
  • @ashhsa I know I totally triggered myself! Haha
    @maureenmce I've had the same problem. What's worked well is meat that is chopped up really small. So ground beef, shredded or finely chopped chicken, anything I dont have to spend enough time chewing for my brain to hit the reject button.
  • MommaB16 said:

    kylelee23 said:

    Eating lunch 3 times and dinner twice

    Don't forget breakfast, second breakfast and snacks!
    Second breakfast is the best!
    STM - EDD June 24 '18
    DD - January 2016
  • Getting new stretch marks even though you've lost 15lbs and slather your body up with everything. Oh well.
  • Waking up to pee five times in one night. I can understand once or twice. But five times is frustrating! And being oddly jealous of my husband giving our dog attention.....
  • J3spJ3sp member
    Crying because I made a delicious veggie lasagna last night and was really looking forward to it for lunch, like REALLY looking forward to it, and then come to find out DH took it for lunch
  • @daniellelynette - I woke up five times last night too!  The first two cause I had acid reflux really bad, the third because I was nauseous, the fourth and fifth because I was so hungry it *hurt*.  (Of course, all 5 times I had to pee.)  SIGH.
  • At 9:30 last night i decided i wanted to bake apple cake and spent far too much time doing so but was so excited to have some with cold milk this morning. At 6am, when DH got up to go to work, he wakes me up to tell me there was ANTS on my cake (where did they come from?). I woke up in tears and immidiately started making another cake. DH said he'd never seen me so determined.
  • @maureenmce Yes! I wake up from hunger all the time! It's hard to get a decent nights sleep when I'm waking up to pee and waking up to eat and all this nonsense. I've had some pretty bad acid issues but knock on wood haven't woken up from it yet. I do wake up from the cramps if I stretch out too much though. And DH wonders why I sleep in so late all the time lol
  • I LOVE this thread.
  • valdezkip said:

    Going for a walk while eating a bag of exercise ever. :)

    The other day I was doing yoga while eating cheesecake..... Hahaha
  • mamajenna_cnmmamajenna_cnm member
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    Watching Americas got talent and crying at every single performance bc they worked so hard but didn't make it...

    Craving coke for the past 4 months that I've deprived myself of having it, and then finally drinking a glass and being unpleasantly unimpressed...ugh so not worth it...

    And last but not least, finally over MS and able to eat anything and everything I want, but getting full after two bites!! Wtf!?
  • Went out to a nice expensive dinner with DH tonight to celebrate our first wedding anniversary .... Threw up the whole meal on the car ride home :(
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  • Sitting on the beach with friends that you haven't seen in months and one of them busts out some homemade watermelon, lemonade, and vodka drink and everyone is raving about it and you're sitting there, sipping your water bottle while your one-year old terrorizes the campsite.
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