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Good morning!

How many weeks today/fruit:


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GTKY: How did you meet your H/partner?

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  • I'm 12 weeks today, baby is a plum! Wow! Yesterday H said "that's more than one bite!" So baby is more than one bite.

    Rave is that it's been over a week since I experienced MS, so I think it's over! My skin seems to be clearing a bit as well. My rant is that sleep is a problem for me right now. I sleep for a few hours, wake up to pee, and then can't find a comfortable position where my hips don't hurt. I'm trying to avoid my back, but it feels soooo good to lie on my back. I ordered a snoogle that will come early next week, can't wait!

    My next appointment is Tuesday, and we will finally get an ultrasound! I'm jealous because my SIL is about 4 weeks behind us and she heard a HB at her appt this week...we haven't even heard that yet! Can't wait!

    I met my husband in high school choir. He was a year ahead of me, and we were just friends in high school but got together the summer after I graduated. We went to different colleges so we were long distance for four years. Totally worth it. :) We've been together 11 years, married 3.
  • willkcwillkc
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    Weeks/fruit: 10 weeks! Baby is the size of a prune

    Rants/raves/symptoms: symptoms aren't too bad, my fatigue seems to have come back full force, but I'm starting to get a bigger appetite finally. Rant- I'm a teacher and school starts in a few weeks, I don't have the energy to go back to school :(

    Appointments: Had one yesterday and got to hear baby's HB for the first time. Next one is August 17th for my NT scan and blood work!

    GTKY: I met my husband at the daycare I worked at. His mom worked there too and made him come in his uniform after he graduated from boot camp. We started talking on Facebook a week or so later. :)
  • I am a lime today! 11 weeks

    I'm still having extreme hunger..I eat a big lunch or dinner and I'm hungry again an hour later. Little bouts of nausea, but not too bad. Still really fatigued.

    I have an appointment when we get back from vacation- second week in August.

    I met my husband my freshman year of undergrad....15 years ago (aaaahhh)

    Mom to Benjamin 6/2011 and Lena 5/2013; baby 3 on the way

  • How many weeks today/fruit: 13!! Peach :) I consider this 2nd trimester even though TB says 14 weeks, lol.

    Rants/Raves/Symptoms: I actually got up and did some exercise yesterday, so that felt amazing. I'm a bit stressed out at the likelihood of us moving around the time of our due date, but it'll all work out. Still have some slight nausea that I can keep at bay if I've had enough water, some achyness in my uterus, and peeing like every 15 minutes. Lol

    Upcoming Appointments: Nothing until August 25th.

    GTKY: How did you meet your H/partner? We worked together! Actually we worked together for a year before we even met, lol. Then we officially met through a friend who invited us both to a state fair.
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  • How many weeks today/fruit:12 weeks - plum

    Rants/Raves/Symptoms: Mostly just gas, morning sickness has been pretty non-existent the last week (thank goodness, now hopefully I didn't just jinx myself!) 

    Upcoming Appointments: Next appt. with ultrasound is Aug. 4th - very excited to hear heartbeat again and meet with my OB, she was on maternity leave at my first appt. so I just met with the head of nursing. 

    GTKY: How did you meet your H/partner? I was dating a friend of his when we first met - he kept trying to get his friend to set us up on a date but I wasn't interested lol. We finally went on a first date a couple  months later to a local coffee shop and have been together over 10 years now :) 
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  • How many weeks today/fruit:
    11 weeks, a lime!
    Every time I try to talk to my 2 yr old about the "baby in mommy's belly" he has a negative reaction to it. I told him he will be a big brother, at first he said "no big brother!" and then I said do you want a sister or a brother? he said "No bears!" (we inherited my husband's Berentain Bears books, and we have been reading a lot of them)
    Upcoming Appointments:
    Just met with a genetic counselor and did the MAterniti 21 test on Tuesday and I have a "full bladder" appt in a couple of weeks.
    GTKY: How did you meet your H/partner?
    We met in college! we were on the same floor our freshman year.  We became really good friends by the end of first semester in sophomore, we had expressed some feelings for each other during the finals right before we went home. When we got back after the winter break before the school actually started, I scheduled a movie night with all my friends (What women want with Mel Gibson - horrible movie) and all our friends bailed (on purpose!) and we had a date night. It turns out that that was the night he was supposed to wait in his room for a frat bid, but had decided to decline the bid because he wanted to date me and didn't think that his initiation schedule would allow for pursuing me. Little did he know he didn't really have to pursue me at all. We instantly became a couple and have been together (albeit a little break for 4 months) ever since. 
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  • How many weeks today/fruit: 11 weeks / lime or Brussels sprout!

    Rants/Raves/Symptoms: MS started letting up a few days ago, can't complain about that! My boobs started feeling sore right as that happened, and started breaking out a little, but otherwise feeling pretty good!

    Upcoming Appointments: I had an appt last Friday which was a big one, and we passed our latest m/c milestone, we had a squirmy baby measuring 4 days ahead with a HR of 153. My next appt is my NT scan which is in a couple of weeks.

    GTKY: How did you meet your H/partner? I had recently moved to a new state and made one friend who helped get me a job hostessing at a local restaurant, she started dating this guy who was friends with my (now) DH. They came into the restaurant and the rest is history!
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  • MrsJG3MrsJG3
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    How many weeks today/fruit: 13 weeks and a peach!!!

    Rants/Raves/Symptoms: So excited that the first trimester is coming to a close! Excited to get to parts of pregnancy that I love.

    Upcoming Appointments: Had my NT scan last Friday. Baby looked like a baby on the u/s and that was awesome!

    GTKY: How did you meet your H/partner? We were introduced by friends when I was in college. We actually went to high school together but never met. ❤️
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  • Hi ladies!

    Fruit: 10 weeks/prune

    Symptoms: nausea is as bad as ever! My boobs are still really sore as well. Hoping for some relief in the next few weeks.

    Upcoming appt: I have another appt on Monday 8/3.

    GTKY: DH and I met through mutual friends over 11 years ago in the beginning of college. He took me on our first date, which was dinner and a movie (50 first dates).
  • Kimbarbour08Kimbarbour08
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    How many weeks today/fruit:
    Baby is 13 weeks and as big as a peach!

    Rants - I hate the windows in our new apartment! They're the kind that you crank open from left to right so we can't put our A/C in . . . not cool in more than one way!
    Raves - Turned the corner with my fatigue/nausea/food aversions! I finally am somewhat friends with food again!!!!! Sooooooo happy we've kissed and made up (scarfing down pizza right now)!
    Symptoms - Ok so the only thing I'm still really noticing (besides a small bump . . . which I'm in LOVE with!) is gas, constipation, and still having clear and strange dreams. I hardly ever used to remember my dreams but now I do every night! Started noticing that before I got the BFP so now I'm sure it's my first pregnancy symptom and it is sticking around! Nothing too vivid or scary, but a lot of just strange things lol

    Upcoming Appointments:
    Next one isn't until August 27th since we just had one this Tuesday (all is well and we heard the heartbeat for the first time!) Then the one after on September 17th will be the big 20 week ultrasound!!!

    GTKY: How did you meet your H/partner?
    Well technically we met when I was 13 and we were both in a mutual friend's wedding, but the extent of our interaction was me asking him if he knew where I was supposed to sit and him saying no lol :) We met for real when I moved to VT to live with my sister and her then-husband. He was friends with them and we got to know each other and knew pretty quickly we wanted to be together. 7 years later, here we are with baby #1 on the way :)

    Edit for symptoms I forgot!
  • How many weeks/fruit:
    11w5d: lime or plum, I hate doing ticker change at the end of the week because my new week starts on Saturday!

    Rants, raves, symptoms:
    My rants is the same as my symptoms: tired, bloated, nausea, headache, bra doesn't fit.
    My rave is that I went to Charming Charlie yesterday and ended up buying this beautiful maxi dress that is quarter sleeved that is going to look soooo good when my bump starts growing. I keep picturing myself in it in October and November!

    Upcoming Appointment:
    Next Wednesday 8/5. I'm so excited because I'll be getting the harmony test done and hopefully get to see the heartbeat. Also, I'll be in my 2nd trimester on the 8th and I'm excited.

    I met him through a mutual friend in college, ended up working together at the same sub shop for a month, and didn't see each other for over 2 years. We reconnected and the rest is history. :)
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  • 11 weeks / key lime (mmm...pie!!!)

    Rants: I do not want to be at work today! So tired and having one of those days where I am starving every 1-2 hours which is making me even more exhausted. I left work an hour ago to stock up at the grocery store and cried on the way back because all I wanted to do was keep driving home.

    Raves: I took tomorrow off! Also, we have SO much amazing produce coming in from our garden right now. Everything from peaches (about 10 lbs every 2 days) to green beans, onion, carrots, beets, strawberries, black berries, lettuce, swiss chard and probably a bunch more I'm forgetting about. We're also going to be harvesting our meat chickens in a couple of weeks so the fridge will be stocked for the winter. Hello minimized food budget and healthy delicious foods...get in my belly!

    Symptoms: Been generally feeling pretty good. Today is a doozy though...thinking it must be a growth spurt :)

    Upcoming Appointments: Next week Wednesday. Will get to hear heartbeat on doppler for the first time and am so looking forward to it.

    GTKY: I met my partner when traveling 6 years ago. I was visiting Northern CA to see my brother who was doing an AmeriCorp program. He was doing the same program as my brother and living in a house we stayed in on our way up the coast. We're both originally from the midwest and made an instant connection and ended up talking all night. My brother and I left the next morning and bumped into him on the way out of town. I just felt this draw towards him and remember telling my brother that he was the type of person I was looking for. We ended up staying in touch once I got back home and I invited him out to visit me on a whim...and he came! I ended up finding a job out in Oregon and after his AmeriCorp program ended he moved out by me...the rest is history. We've been together for 5 years and are excited for this new adventure in parenthood together.
  • How many weeks today/fruit: 13 weeks and the baby is as big as a peach!

    Rants/Raves/Symptoms: My rant/symptom is that I thought I was done with nausea, but I was wrong! For the past 2 days I have been extremely nauseous, and very tired. We go on vacation next week, so that's my rave!

    Upcoming Appointments: We just had one on Tuesday (got to see the baby and hear the HB)! Our next appointment is August 25th :)

    GTKY: How did you meet your H/partner? We met in high school! I had a HUGE crush on him and convinced his best friend to set us up. We have been together ever since (8.5 years).

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  • @egraves4 you should be posting on the Sunday ticker change then. There's one every day, and you post when you officially change weeks. :)
  • How many weeks today/fruit: 13 weeks and a peach! :)

    Rants/Raves/Symptoms: Rants: I'm considering switching OBs but not sure. There are just a couple weird things that I talked to my other pregnant friend about and she was saying those are red flags and to definitely switch drs! So not sure what to do at this point. I haven't even met the dr yet so I'm not sure if I should wait to actually meet her first or just switch while it's still early... Decisions!!
    Rants: my little bro has been gone for 2 years on a church mission and comes home Wednesday!!! So excited to see him! My twins haven't ever met him yet so that'll be fun.

    Upcoming Appointments: August 12, unless I switch drs, then I don't know!

    GTKY: How did you meet your H/partner? We met in highschool. Officially we met because he was dating one of my friends but I only met him and never talked to him again until a few years later we "met" again through mutual friends. Started dating senior year and have been together almost 9 years! Married for almost 4! My parents actually (vaguely) knew his parents long before we ever met each other which was kinda weird to find out later.
  • How many weeks/size: 13 weeks/baby is just PEACHY! ;)

    Rants: Still having MS and dizzyness on top of that, plus still extremely tired and can't seem to sleep well at night... hoping as I'm entering 2nd tri some of these symptoms subside! Raves: Preparing for our reveal party in about 3 weeks when we find out if baby is boy or girl, it's been so fun planning and everyone who had gotten an invite has been so excited :)

    Upcoming appts: Had dr appt today and heard heartbeat again! Dr said baby couldn't be healthier so I am so so excited! Next appt is 8/27 then one 9/17 for 3D ultrasound!!!

    GTKY: hubby and I met freshman year of high school... started dating at the end of the schoold year and have never looked back! We've been together a little over 14 years now, almost married for 5 years and now have our 1st baby on the way!!!
  • @Monkeybutt80 - "no bears!" That's so cute! Haha!
    Ps- my 2 year old says he doesn't want a baby either, he wants a choo choo. I hope he understands there's no option of getting a train instead!
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  • How many weeks today/fruit: 12 weeks! Yay! Baby is a plum.

    Rant: Went to visit my brother 3 hours away and came back same day, but butt hurts! Sleeping is becoming uncomfortable.

    Rave: I went to visit my brother and finally had the food I have been craving for years lol.

    Upcoming Appointments:
    I have an appt today for my NT scan.

    GTKY: How did you meet your H/partner?
    We met at a friends house on base and I didn't care for him until we actually started taling. :)



  • @cantobean that makes a LOT more sense LOL.  Not sure why I never noticed that before. 
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    Surprise BFP! 06/08/15
    Nadine GraceMarie  02/10/16
    Diagnosed with placenta increta post delivery: emergency partial hysterectomy - cervix and ovaries still intact 
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