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How to share the sex on facebook

We're finding out the sex on monday and we are crazy excited. Everyone close to us will be getting a call/text but i want to come up with something cute and easy for sharing on facebook with extended family ect. How is everyone else planning to share the news?

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  • I've been thinking about doing this so doing some of my own research. Etsy has some really cute shirts you can order - a cute profile picture of you, your bump and the shirt would be easy! Plus, you'll have a sweet shirt to wear! They have them for boy and girl. If you can deal with waiting for it to ship to you once you find out. 

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  • We talked last night about buying a cute little sign, and just posting a picture of it. Our announcement was the same way though, we aren't big on pictures of ourselves. I'd look on instagram for #itsaboy or #itsagirl and see if you can find any ideas you like. I think pinterest is stuffed full of overdone, yet still cute, balloon related reveals.
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  • I was thinking of going shopping and buying some outfits. Then just post a picture, like "I picked up some things today".

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    I'm announcing my pregnancy with the sex next week (but we have known for 3.5 weeks). I'm posting a pic of myself with "x weeks pregnant with baby boy #2" as the caption. Booooring. Haha.

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  • We got a 3D US and posted the pic of it with a little blurb about how we can not wait to meet our son etc.. it was really sweet and emotional since we are first time parents. :)
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  • @kayyyy13 - how far along were you when you did 3D? I am going at 15 weeks and 5 days tomorrow!!! It can't get here fast enough...
  • My mom is very into all this and found a picture she wanted to copy. Depending on what the sex is here is what we post:
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  • We did the big sis hand prints dipped in paint on my belly, but we haven't showed anyone yet.
  • andreachristine81 14+2 and was totally noticible... he wasn't exactly shy about it lol
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  • We did the balloons coming out of the box photo shoot. I'm mailing it to family and then I'll post it on FB.
  • We did the balloons coming out of the box photo shoot. I'm mailing it to family and then I'll post it on FB.

    This what we did with our first! The next one we are going to have my daughter out blue or pink handprints on my belly
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  • With my last pregnancy, my husband, 5 year old, and I had a paint war to reveal the sex. My aunt took pics and then we put them on fb.
  • I'm going to post a picture of the empty nursery with the paint cans and brushes and say something like "Final guesses, pink or blue?" And then after we paint I'll post one of the room painted or my husband pouring the paint into the container for the roller or something similar :)
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    We're going to take a picture of our daughter either sucking on a pink sucker or a blue sucker. Hoping to do 3 shots - two in black and white (her holding the sucker and sucking on it) and then the last one in color with her holding the sucker again so you can see the color.

  • I did a regular bump post with one of my husbands neck ties tied above my bump for my boy, or you could do a bow for a girl. This time we announced all at the same time with just a picture(below) and a caption saying our little mister was getting a sister .
  • So I'm the oddball who isn't doing a Facebook announcement until early October when I'll be 24 weeks.  We're going to tell family and close friends after we find out the sex this weekend, but are holding off for the mass FB one.  Anyway, I'm going to get a pumpkin, write or paint (or carve if I'm REALLY talented) January 2016 on it, then stick a bow or ball cap on it.  I'll say something about "Our little pumpkin will be arriving.."  Cheesy but, hey, cheesy is ok with announcements!

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  • we did a cake cutting and put it up on ustream for people to watch live. for those who were on the other coast.
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  • We're gonna post two different pictures, in case no one understands the first.
    The first picture will be a close up of my belly in a white shirt, with either a pink or blue ribbon tied around it.
    The second picture will either have some cute girly shoes with bows and such, sitting on my belly. Or if it's a boy, it's gonna be a picture of a hot wheel sitting on my belly.

    Hopfully people will understand the two photos.
  • This was mine :)
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  • With my first, I just posted It's a boy!!!! in my status update ;) But I'm fairly straightforward.

    You could buy a cute little pair of blue or pink newborn booties and take a photo of them.
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