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I have not had an ultrasound yet. I am having one in a week. I think Im around 9 weeks. I am constantly hungry like every two hours i need to eat more than just a snack. This is my second pregnancy. I am taking 2 naps a day and my clothes are already tight. My first pregnancy was nothing like this. Could it be twins?

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  • Could it be?  Yes.  But none of what you mentioned is specific to / indicative of twins.
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  • It's possible, but not based on anything you said. I'm pregnant with my third which I know is a singleton. I'm constantly starving, always exhausted, and clothes are also getting tight. I'm also 9 weeks. All of these are normal pregnancy symptoms.
  • It's probably triplets ;)
  • Maybe even quadruplets! Sheesh!

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  • I'm having twins and couldn't ever eat anything. The entire first trimester I lost weight. Eating more is no indication but you'll never know if it's multiples until your ultrasound!
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