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The best thing DH did for me today was....


Re: The best thing DH did for me today was....

  • I had a horrible flare up of, what the dr and I are thinking was, my IBS yesterday. Diagnosed after making sure baby was okay. I was so relieved but still in so much pain. DH was SO SWEET! He brought me home a card and some of my favorite scratch offs, and like 8 different packs of jelly belly jelly beans! So sweet of him ❤️❤️❤️
    I've been craving jelly bellys and was having a hard time finding them. :( So even though I couldn't eat them yesterday, he was so thoughtful :)
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    My hubby had to run errands this morning so he took our toddler with him. I'm home alone, watching the new and drinking my tea while it is still hot. It's glorious!
  • I was extremely exhausted... I had a headache and I was just done but I hadn't done my afternoon chores because the OB took up all my time. Hubby sent me to bed and he did my chores and his and I slept. It was amazing!



  • I just trashed the kitchen making a bunch of zucchini bread, and DH walked in from outside and just started cleaning and washing dishes. I told him I'd take care of it and just smiled at me and said, "it's okay. I don't mind." ❤️

  • Emptied my puke bucket and brought it back clean.
  • I've been nursing a 3 day migraine, and he took the kids fishing with him on a guy trip, after he worked 60+hours this week, so that I could have peace and quiet. Thanks hubby!!
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  • I was absolutely spent after we went maternity bra shopping (pure hell) and curled up in a ball in the recliner when we got home. He brought a pillow out from the bedroom and tucked it under my head and neck, then disappeared so I could nap. He's pretty great.
  • Talked one of his customers into bringing a huge container of homemade pancit just for me because it has been one of my food cravings and I can only get it on Saturdays when the lumpia food truck is at our farmers market..and then yelled at one of the salesman for trying to take all of it. He loves me!

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  • These are so sweet!

    H has been amazing. Especially since our 7 week ultrasound and he saw our little one. It was like it "clicked" for him.

    Every time I had to leave a restaurant before eating 3 bites (which happened. .. every time I went in a restaurant in first trimester, which was a lot), he would not say a word. Just told me to go while he took care of getting the food to go.

    Came with me shopping for maternity bras. Again for regular maternity clothes.

    He is my best friend. I am so lucky to have him. Going to go tell him that right now..
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