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The best thing DH did for me today was....

I think it's nice to remind ourselves what our husband's our doing right! I know they drive us crazy, but in their own little way, they show their sweet side.

This can be a place for us to share those cute/sweet things they do for us!

Today we were at the zoo and my husband just walked up behind me and started rubbing my lower back. It was like heaven!

Then we got home and we were cleaning out our laundry room. He started spraying the cleaner and he said I should maybe leave. He didn't want me to breathe in the fumes. I almost started crying at this gesture!

Re: The best thing DH did for me today was....

  • First trimester totally kicked my ass and H has been taking on home improvement jobs and he and his mom have been deep cleaning the house. I feel like a bum just laying on the couch or napping while they do it but I am so grateful that they are understanding. Now that I'm feeling a little better I'm trying to pick up my slack.

    Also, fruit seems to be the only thing I can keep down so he has been buying all these amazing fruits and making a weekly fruit salad for me to snack on. I love him so much <3

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  • Yesterday afternoon while watching TV I fell asleep and had a wonderful nap! I told H I was sorry that I was so tired and he replied that I need to take a nap whenever I feel like it because he understands that being pregnant is tough. 

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  • wagvanwagvan
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    Yesterday he took me to the walk in clinic to FINALLY get antibiotics for the cough I have had for 8 weeks.  (I had a viral upper respriatory flu, but it appears to have turned into an acute sinus infection. I'm 12 hours in on the antibiotics and can't wait for them to work.)  I've been coughing so hard that my back hurts and I cough to the point of heaving, and lets not even talk about peeing my pants.  Thank God hubby insisted on taking me in!
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  • My husband works away and every single night when he calls he asks how I'm feeling. Such a minor thing but it always makes me all mushy. That and when he's home he is my personal slurpee delivery slave.
  • Made me a yummy egg/bacon/cheese sandwich this morning!
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    We were able to leave DS with a friend today to go to my OB appointment. It took a really long time to find the heartbeat but she found it! When we were done, DH thanked her for trying so hard to find it and said we were so happy to hear it. I love how he treats people, including me!
  • DH was so sweet to me even though I had a total meltdown about dinner getting ruined. He took our wild 3 year old to the store and brought me home sushi from my favorite sushi place.
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  • Massaged my temples while we were at lunch. I had a massive headache. Then he pulled my eyes in different directions and made me do this...

  • Drove me to work so that I didn't have to deal with my commute. And drove thru McDonald's...twice...because first I needed an Egg White Delight then I needed a fountain Coke which I didn't get at the first McDonald's.

  • The Dishes and let me crawl into bed and read a book at 8 pm. I was asleep by 9, so tired!!! He got ds through the bath and into bed on his own. I seriously needed that.
  • He did the dishes without complaining yesterday. He also didn't complain today that I took dd to lunch! Both good things lol.
  • I came home for my break from work (I love living 2 minutes away from work and think I'll love it even more when baby comes!) and the hubbs had done a load of laundry and a load of dishes :) I had asked if he could do some laundry, but it was nice that he did and the dishes were a surprise :)
  • I currently have 2 pounds of sour patch kids for my snacking pleasure because of my husband.
    Now I want Sour Patch Kids. 

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  • ErinkaErinka
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    DH is building an outdoor camp-kitchen for us to use during our 3 month remodel project.
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    Aw, what nice partners you all have! Jealous of the special foodstuffs. I want. All. Fooood.

    My current gratitude goes to DH working from home today so I wouldn't be lonely cooped up in the house on my freebie day off (I'm the biggest baby ever, yes.). He even blocked off two hours so we could go running together. Just hope he doesn't get any flack from colleagues because of it.
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  • H took a long walk with me and is now baking cookies to take on our road trip tomorrow. The cookie ingredients include chocolate chips, butterscotch chips, oatmeal, pretzels, and potato chips. Never had these before, but I'm glad he got the baking bug!
  • g8trkim said:

    pbtoast said:

    Drove me to work so that I didn't have to deal with my commute. And drove thru McDonald's...twice...because first I needed an Egg White Delight then I needed a fountain Coke which I didn't get at the first McDonald's.

    Why is McD's coke so much better than other places. I really like their ice, so I think that makes a difference, but I also suspect they lace it with crack. I'm like 73% sure of that.

    So true!! My SO said "can we just go to the gas station?" NO! McDonald's fountain coke is completely different!

  • My H has been so protective. He makes sure I'm drinking all the water I need and that I'm not out in the sun longer than I should be. And tonight he's taking me to BWW's! Other than my crazy ice cream cravings, it doesn't get much better than BWW's!
  • Surprised me by going to the fancy doughnut place and getting me a French toast doughnut for breakfast tomorrow.

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  • Omg I want some BWWs now!!
    My hubby has 0 time this month because it's blueberry season so he's basically gone from 6am-10pm or midnight mon-sat. But on Sunday's he lets me sleep in, makes breakfast, and takes care of DD. it's so amazing and I always feel 100% afterwards.
    If he gets out halfway early I hope I can confince him to get a root beer float cause I've been wanting one all week. BWWs would be even better but I doubt he'll drive there
  • He was really cuddly and loving in bed and didn't want me to get up. Awwww. Plus he is putting up with me being a total whinger about every single symptom.
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