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Sex after delivery??

Does anyone know or have first hand experience about how long after delivery they waited to have sex? What if you have a c section??

Re: Sex after delivery??

  • FTM, but I've heard you're supposed to wait until you're cleared at your 6-week check-up if you deliver vaginally. I guess I'm not sure what the rule is if you deliver c-section, except that you'll be all stitched up and that probably needs to heal first?

    I will definitely be anxious to get my old sex life back!
  • I was cleared at 6 weeks pp, but waited until about 12 weeks because I was so scared (and not really in the mood thanks to nursing).
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  • It depends on how your body heals. I believe the average is 6 weeks. Your body when let you know when the time is right. I had a c-section with first child and healed pretty fast so I was back at it pretty quickly. Some women don't heal as fast. I mean, I was running up stairs 2 weeks after delivery.
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    Yup average is 6 weeks.
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  • The rule of thumb is 6 weeks even with a c section, but it took a while with my first. Probably at least 4 months. :( I'm planning not to let it go so long this time!
  • 6 weeks. After DD i waited about 7 weeks and it was honestly the most uncomfortable thing ever. I healed great and didnt have any complications but it just hurt. This time I will be waiting longer.

  • I was cleared at 4 weeks with DD1 because I had so little tearing and healed quickly. I think I waited another week after that. Other than feeling like a virgin again for the first few moments, it was great to be able to have normal sex again! I guess that's why I ended up pregnant with this one when DD1 was 12 months old. Lol.

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  • The six weeks is because that's approximately how long your cervix takes to fully close. So a lot of people have sex earlier because they feel fine but if their cervix isn't closed you are risking infection.

    I wasn't healed at 6 weeks and so we waited 12.

  • We waited 2 weeks. Ha! Supposed to be 6, but it had been too long already! It was different, but not bad. Definitely listen to your body though!!!! Don't be afraid... but stop if it's too much.
  • I had to have an episiotomy and I believe we were cleared after 6 weeks (if I remember right?) I do remember being extremely scared that first time after baby because everything just feels so tight and I was so worried about tearing that it wasn't really enjoyable. Once you get past that first time though and you know everything is going to be fine, then it's smooth sailing :)
  • At least 6 weeks is the norm. But PLEASE get cleared by your doc first. I have had two friends get pregnant right at this point post baby delivery so don't think you can't get pregnant right away-because you can. I had a Cesarian with my first-my husband was deployed until my son was 5.5 months old, and honestly having that time to heal completely (stomach area gets super sore) helped. I'm not saying to wait almost 6 months, but 12 weeks minimum for a Cesarian would be ideal because of the stomach healing, not the lady bits. Haha.
  • I delivered naturally, the doctor told me not to have sex until he cleared me at my 6 week visit...... But I was bad and we started at 4weeks after. We couldn't help ourselves, we just took it really slow.
  • The last thing on my mind after delivery was sex for at leeeeast 2-3 months. It hurt even then and I had a c section.
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  • Your uterus is basically one big open wound and then a big scab as it heals. Introducing bacteria can = infection.

  • I had a c-section and was cleared at 6 weeks. I wouldn't risk doing it much sooner unless the doctor says it's okay, as you may not be fully healed/closed and you could get an infection. I don't know how common that is, but I wouldn't risk it personally. We had sex at 6 weeks, and oh my, it was very painful. I think if you go really really slow and use lots of lube you'll be fine though..
  • I had a c section and healed really well. Even before I left the hospital the nurses were impressed how much my uterus had shrunk already. At around 4 weeks we were really antsy. I was totally healed and it didn't hurt at all. I was officially cleared at 6 weeks but told my doc we didn't wait. He was ok with it because of how well I was healed up.
  • From experience I'm in no rush. I think I might fib a little to my boyfriend and say I have to wait 8 weeks. Lol sex after birth was not a pleasant experience for me. I'm not looking forward to it.
  • I was cleared at 6 weeks, but with scarring I couldn't physically do it til about 6 months. Felt bad for DH!
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  • I delivered vaginally and waited almost 3 weeks. But I had what I would consider a good/quick recovery. Minimal bleeding, hardly no pain, etc.
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    I have to admit that after each of my three children, I didn't wait long. I think after my daughter was born we wound up getting it on like five days later, actually. I've been lucky in the past to not have tears or much pain for more than a couple days after delivery though, so I guess my body is just weird like that. Most women wait at least a few weeks, I believe.
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