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GTKY: What makes you feel guilty?


Re: GTKY: What makes you feel guilty?

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    Um, 12 years of Catholic school here. So, things that make me feel guilty:
    • Skipping a workout or half-assing a workout because I'm feeling lazy
    • Sleeping in any later than 8 AM
    • Leaving my dogs home alone
    • Spending money unnecessarily
    • The fact that I haven't gone to church regularly in like 6 years
    • Not calling my mom on a regular basis
    • Being lazy at work, mainly by being on websites such as this one
    • Not being finished with my dissertation, despite only proposing it 4 months ago
    • Not being a neat freak
    • Leaving work early to go to happy hour
    • Not giving up alcohol and caffeine while I'm TTC
    • Not giving up marathon training or CrossFit while I'm TTC

    Aaaaand that's just my list from TODAY. Thanks, Mom, for the legacy you have passed on to me!

    Married 6/20/2015
    Mirena removed 7/6/2015
    TTC#1 July 2015
    BFP 12/4/2015
    Sam born 8/4/2016

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