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Intro kind of/ I hate my body! Sch maybe??

I was on the bump when I had my 2nd back in 2013, i'm back now looking for support/ advise. I had a mc in June and got pregnant about a month after ( yes I know most say to wait 2-3 months) We felt comfortable trying sooner and just thought maybe it would take a bit. Anyways I got my + hpt on fri and on Sunday I started bleeding again, I was so upset. Called my ob on monday and they told me to go to the er so they could do blood work and maybe an u/s, my doctor was out of town or they would have just had me go in to see her and get lab work there. My hcg was 27 and the next day my ob called and said to go in a week for another hcg test. I'm still bleeding but it has slowed down. I did have bleeding with my 1st and 2nd babies, but with the mc i had lots of cramps and large clots. This time I did have some cramps and some smaller clots but my hpts are getting darker. I had someone mention to me something about sch and you can cramp and have clots. I wont know anything until I get my blood work on monday but thought i would see if anyone has had sch and had cramps and clots. I also have a blood disorder so my ob is sending me to see a high risk ob soon, thinking maybe taking progesterone and/or baby aspirin while ttc might help, bc my problem is not getting pregnant its staying pregnant i guess. Any experience with taking progesterone and/or baby aspirin would be great too. Thank you! 

Re: Intro kind of/ I hate my body! Sch maybe??

  • Is the blood issue MTHFR by chance? I did take baby aspirin during my most recent pg, which ended in loss.

    I'm sorry you are bleeding and I'm sorry for your recent loss.

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  • I have no experience with those things but I am very sorry you are dealing with this - I hope you get some answers you are looking for.
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  • Thank you. No its not. I have a factor 12 deficiency, its very rare and my doctor said hes only seen it once in his 30 year of working and it was in a male. He told me 4 years ago that it should not cause any problems with getting pregnant or staying but he also said that if i have this i might have a autoimmune disease so he tested me for some. I remember the test for antiphospholipid syndrome was high the first round but was okay the 2nd, so now i'm wondering if maybe we should test again. I dont know, its just very hard to deal with all this and I want to have all my bases covered for when we try again. 

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