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This is bulls***

Ok so I'm in a slightly different situation to most on here it seems. I had a tfmr at 16 weeks 1 day on the 9th of July. So thats 3 weeks ago tomorrow. 20 days ago. And im still bleeding. It looked like it was stopping and now I've just had a gush of blood full of small clots and my cervix has reopened (i checked) and I'm cramping really badly. My midwife says I need to go to the emergency room but thats an hr away from where I live and my husband is away on work. Theres a small hospital closer but it doesn't have an ultrasound machine so is essentially useless for my situation. I'm just hoping I can wait it out. I'm so pissed off. Will this ever end?

Little boy due July 31st 2016

Re: This is bulls***

  • If you are bleeding that heavily after 20 days chances are you still have tissue left and definitely need to go somewhere that does have a US. I don't recommend waiting it out as it is better to be safe than sorry. So sorry for your loss. Hope you can get some relief soon.
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