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I'm not the only one with MS! My bf ( who is never sick BTW ) had a touch of "MS" today. Half of me felt bad, half of me didn't. Shit I've been dealing with this for 3 months!! He's all better now, passed out in bed, meanwhile I can't fall asleep X(

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  • I didn't realize there was another thread about a bf having ms? Oh wait there isn't, I searched. Thanks for the advice though :)
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  • My husband tells me that he thinks he has MS sometimes... I just laugh and tell him "OK, babe!" Men... they have no clue!
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  • They wouldn't last a day being pregnant!
  • Nope, and My husband has two kiddos with a previous marriage and thinks that every woman has the same symptoms... Wrong my dear! lol He saw my face this morning and said hey Grumpy! my response "Dude Im tired, leave me be!" :( haha
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    When I was pregnant with my daughter, my husband had a stomach bug that lasted the entire time I had morning sickness. When I got sciatic nerve pain, he would get sharp pains in the same spot. Sympathy symptoms lol. I always thought that was entertaining
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