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  • moz3518 said:

    I searched and didn't find a similar question.
    My LO just turned 7 months and lately he's been clenching his fists and holds his arms straight out and grunts. It sort of looks like he's riding a motorcycle. He's not constipated and he doesn't seem to be in pain. Sometimes he's smiling while he does it. He does is all day long.
    Anyone else's LO does something similar?

    Mine does this, I think it's just another way express all her feelings! Like she can't contain them all. But if it's concerning you I'd agree you should get it checked out.
  • @mellymar and @hoodoll82

    Thanks girls! @hoodoll82 that's sounds exactly like Eli. I wasn't overly concerned at first. When he learns something new he tends to do it over and over lol. When he first learned how to blow bubbles/raspberries he did all day long too. It wasn't until my SIL mentioned the grunting as something I should be concerned about that I was curious to see if other babies were doing something similar. He goes next week for part 2 of his flu shot...I will mention it to his doctor then.

  • @moz3518 is he on his belly when he's doing this? Because my LO will lay on his belly outstretch his arms with clenched fists and rotate them and we'll say "are you riding your motorcycle?" Lol. It's normally when he's getting tired of being on the floor playing.
  • @jessieR358 now that I think about it on his belly is the only time he doesn't do it lol.
  • Help! These spots showed up on LO. They are on her arms, legs, and face but none on her back or torso. No fever or other discomfort. No new foods have been introduced in at least 48 hours. It doesn't seem to bother her. I have had some dairy but usually it shows up as acne, not blotches. Thoughts/suggestions? I IF she starts a fever, I'll take her to urgent care since her ped is closed. Without any other symptoms, I'm hesitant to take her in.

  • @Sammy K oh wow. Could they be bites?
  • @Sjeff0816 I don't think so but I will wash her bedding and pj's.
  • They do say it can take 3-4 days for an allergy to show but so rare....
  • @Sammy K are they dry and rough feeling? Or feel normal?
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  • @mellymar Normal. They haven't spread. They look like mosquito bites. I put some eczema lotion all over. She seems more cuddly and fussy than normal, but she's also refusing to nap since there are people over.
  • @Sammy K our fellow got some raised red bumps after thanksgiving. I think it was from being held in just a diaper and his skin being exposed to a weird detergent or something else someone who held him had on. I gave him a good bath and called after hours pedi and they told us the appropriate amount of benadryl for him. It cleared right up
  • devyns2nddevyns2nd
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    @Sammy K it looks like an allergic reaction to me. DD was allergic to life her first two years. She broke out in spots when she came in contact with perfumes and lotions. She's still allergic to skin irritants now. I used a new soap and she looks awful. We get bumps a lot. She also had a reaction to benadryl so I'd see a Dr first. It was a nightmare.
  • The spots are her face are clearing up. Her arms are still the worst. It definitely could be a reaction to lotion/detergent/perfume from the ILs. Timing would be right. And DH is allergic to synthetic dyes and perfumes. It's not getting worse, so I'm just watching and waiting.
  • @Sammy K hoping its clearing up!
  • My LO has so much yellow gunk coming out of her eyes. Going to take her in tomorrow in case an antibiotic is needed. I know to wipe it away & massage with a warm compress. Anything else to do to help the poor girl through the night? After her sleeping about an hour & a half both eyes were practically sealed closed. Upsets her so. It came on so quick too. I've been sick so initially just thought she had a cold but now I'm thinking conjunctivitis. I'm not good with a sick baby as I'm such a worrier. So far we've been lucky with just a few colds & hand foot mouth but that happened when she was so young it didn't affect her emotionally like this is. I'm sure it's scary to wake up & have all that in your eyes. Poor baby. I hope we all get some sleep tonight!
  • @ciennah99 viral conjunctivitis also doesn't need antibiotics, only bacterial which is rare. Something to keep in mind at the pedi
  • Lo had green eye gunk around 5 months. Luckily it started in the morning I think and by that night I had gotten eye drops from the pedi. It was 90% better the next morning.
  • Lo had conjunctivitis from strep. It was awful. Bless his heart he was allergic to the meds and had a terrible reaction. The er Dr told us a lot of babies are allergic to the eye creams to always request drops instead.
  • We had pink eye around thanksgiving. Went to the pedi, got eye drops, and it was cleared up in less than 24 hours.

    A week later, baby 2 got it, started drops and it cleared up quick again.

    They cried a little during the drops at first, but it really wasn't that traumatic (for them or me).
  • @Sammy K how are your girls spots???
  • @klkonwi No change. She had new ones on her hands when she woke up, bit the ILs were babysitting last night. They left today, so hopefully it clears up. She's also teething, so it's hard to tell if they are bothering her. Right now, she's totally happy so I think they're fairly superficial. They just look bad.
  • I take it back. Her hives are worse today. We probably shouldn't have started supplementing with formula until they cleared, but too late now. I don't know what to do next. I just want her to feel better.
  • Shoot! Do you think it's the formula?
  • Oh no! Did your ILs give her any stuffed animals or blankets she may still be touching?

  • We have a rash all over her cheeks arms and legs today too. No new food, detergent, soap, etc. have been giving her Advil for the past few days due to her teething pain but it would be weird for it to show up on the 4th dose, no?
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  • jessieR358jessieR358
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    We have a rash all over her cheeks arms and legs today too. No new food, detergent, soap, etc. have been giving her Advil for the past few days due to her teething pain but it would be weird for it to show up on the 4th dose, no?

    Sometimes there can be a delayed response. I would discontinue the Advil if that's the only new thing and see if it clears up.

    Edit: I was thinking you said hives too. If it's just a rash probably not Advil, but that's what i would do to see if advil is a possible cause.
  • @hoodoll82 No, the hives showed up 3 days before we started formula. In retrospect, I shouldn't have started formula until the hives were gone, but my supply is trying to make like the Hindenberg. We're going to keep on, since she's happy and hives can take a while to go away.
  • HoosOnFirstHoosOnFirst
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    @Sammy K what formula did you end up going with, and how it she tolerating it?
  • @Sammy K yay! So glad about the hives!
  • My kiddos has RSV and "Bronchiolitis". Explains why she hasn't been eating lately. Her cough is so sad.
  • @slr1229 hope she feels better soon. Having a sick baby is the worst.
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