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hospital bag necessities???

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So im in the 3rd trimester and trying to slowly get stuff together for a hospital bag for myself, and a bag for baby. I am getting so many different bring/dont bring opinions from people that havent even been through it. And ones that have, tend to contradict each other on tiems that could make a huge difference. What did you pack? What did you not pack that you feel you should have?

Re: hospital bag necessities???

  • This really depends on what kind of labor you plan/expect to have.
    my C/S list is nothing like a natural labor list.

    But all basics should include toiletries, camera and batteries, cell phone chargers, your pillow, chapstick, co8ns/ones for the vending machines, stuff for baby *check your hospital, every plce I different), take home outfit for you and baby.
  • I over-packed the first time lol. This time I'm keeping it simple bc I'm only there for 48 hours and most things are provided. First see what your hospital supplies and think about what you have at home that makes you comfortable.

    This go-round I will pack:
    Yoga pants & tees (to lounge in)
    Towel & washcloth (the hospital ones are tiny)
    iPad, headphones & chargers (to tune out roomie)
    Baby towel & washcloth
    Side - snap onsies, leggings & hats
    Swaddling blankets (I hate hospital blankets)
    Going home outfit

    My hospital is one where a lot of celebrities give birth so they do everything to make you comfortable and provides you with anything you may have forgotten or realize you now need.
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  • Toiletries and going home outfits for you and baby are really all you need. I didn't change out of my hospital gown until the day we left.

    If you're planning to breastfeed, I'd also pack your boppy pillow if you have one, as well as some nipple cream and gel soothies. Your nipples will hurt so you'll want to get out in front of the pain as much as possible and start using the nipple cream asap.

    I also packed some magazines and my kindle, but I wound up not using them. During labor I slept after the epidural and didn't need to entertain myself.
  • Here's what I took last go round:

    Going home outfits for me and baby
    Extra socks
    Flip flops
    Bathroom stuff plus shampoo and conditioner
    Hair ties
    My tablet
    Phone charger

    I brought panties and pads but I was bleeding so badly that I wore the hospital ones instead.
    That's it.
    I have seen girls over pack but you are going to be so tired or with the baby...at least I was that way.
  • Chapstick. So much chapstick.

    A decent moisturizer for dry skin.

    Icy hot pads - or a hot water bottle.

    Dermoplast. That shit is amazing.

    If you are planning on breastfeeding, bring a boppy or decent support pillow so your nipples don't get wrecked. If this is your first time breastfeeding, bring Lansinoh. It's hard in the beginning, but you can do it!

    Nursing pads. Disposable ones. The cloth ones you will soak through in no time and they will make your nips sore.

  • Depends works amazing .... Instead of pads
    And snacks.. Husband appreciated those ;)
  • I had to send H out for a few things I didn't think to pack, including lansinoh, Chapstick and baby nail scissors.
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