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Formula switch for GERD?

Hi, I am a FTM, so I'm a bit on edge about something's. My almost three week old baby has been very fussy and seems as if in pain after each feed. One day she had what appears to be a chocking episode so I took her to the ER. They informed me that she has GERD. They said to change her nipple flow, incline her, and follow up with doc. DONE! This is my dilima... Doc said to try a week of incline to see if that helps... Nope it didn't. Baby was crying for hours on end still, pushing away bottle, vomiting, and clinching fist or pulling at her face while feeding. Also poop is a kinda light green and loose. After research I changed her formula to Similac Alimentum. She seemed Soo Much better. Two days later at her apointment doc said to try switching back to Similac advance and gave me a script for her meds. Well a day after the switch she seems to have some symptoms as before. Even another chocking episode. Should I switch back to Alimentum which seemed to help or do a trial period of staying on the Similac advance since she is taking meds now? I Did ask doc about it! Doc said I could switch if that's what I feel is helping. She said it won't cause harm, but it would get costly. She also noted in the ER she didn't show to many of the symptoms while on Advance. Baby spent all of 14 hours there and slept most of it. My ?? Is should I keep her on Advance and see what happens or change her to Alimentum which is extremely expensive??She just seems to be in pain while feeding and I'm confused on what to do about it. Thanks in advance for any responses.

Re: Formula switch for GERD?

  • Can't your doc write a prescription for the alimentum? Some insurance companies pay for it with a doctors pre approval. I would contact your insurance company and see if they would cover it. My little one was the same and she's now on Prilosec and Elecare because her GI doctor discovered she has a milk protein intolerance. Ask her doctor if you should go see a GI specialist. After a few visits our pediatrician realized that what we needed to do.
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