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Sleep help!

so my LO is two months old. We moved her into her crib a week and a half ago to get her ready for when I go back to work (we want her comfortable there by then, before she was right next to my side of the bed in a bassinet). She went from sleeping in 5 hour stretches (formula fed baby) to a weird disruptive sleep pattern.

She used to go to bed in the bassinet at 8pm following bedtime routine including bath and bottle, wake to feed at 1am, wake to feed at 6am. Since moving to the crib she has the same 8pm bedtime routine, wakes to feed at 1am, wakes to feed at 4am, then wakes every 30-60 minutes after that. What happened to my perfect sleeping little baby?!? What should I do???

Other details that might be helpful, we try to get her to nap during the day following the EASY schedule loosely, i.e. Eat activity sleep on a three hour cycle during the day. It's not perfect but she usually gets about 5 hours total nap time during the day split up into two bigger naps and two catnaps. For eating she usually takes 4oz formula every 2.5-3 hours during the day.

Any tips soooo appreciated as I am one sleepy momma!!
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