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Bleeding after d&c?

I had my d&c done last Wednesday (7/22). Spot and slight cramps that day, the following day till Friday no bleeding everything was good. Saturday I had a tiny cramp and light pink spotting for one hour then nothing. Sunday I had cramps and I started to bleed, not heavy but similar to what you would have your first day of AF. Maybe just changing a pad once to twice a day the most. So far it has continued till today which is Monday stops then goes (dark red/brownish/red color). I know TMI, just wondering why this had happened and if this is normal?

Re: Bleeding after d&c?

  • I am not sure if you are still looking for an answer but after my first D&C I bled off and on for a week and half. I was told you there is no significant pain, and it's not filling a pad an hour and there is no odor it's normal.
    TW: MMC
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  • Thank you. Sorry for you loss too. I contacted the nurse and doctor and yes it's normal.
  • Sorry for your loss. I was in the same situation, had a D&C on 7/8, bled lightly for maybe two days and then spotted. One week later had bleeding and passed clots. Doctor sent me to ER for a soon to make sure there were no products of conception remaining in my uterus. Thankfully there was nothing and after a day it stopped. Finally stopped spotting one week after that. 

    Doesn't hurt to call the doctor to make sure everything is normal.

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