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Bleeding 1 week post D&C

I had a D&C exactly one week ago. I had a little bleeding that day and the day after but since then nothing and I feel fine. Today I began bleeding again. It started out very minimal and dark now it's brighter red and more frequent. Is this normal? Has anyone else had this?

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    Omg I just wrote something similar to this! Yes I am going through this and calling my doctor just in case tomorrow. I did have the nurse tell me if I am having similar cramps to menstrual cramps nothing severe and bleeding light nothing heavy it should be ok. But I just want to double check.
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    I had a d&c with my last mmc and had the exact same experience. I bled a lot in the first few days, then stopped for a few days, then back like gangbusters for another week. Unfortunately, it's totally normal!
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