3rd Trimester

eggplant parmesan, bounceball....now feeling pretty strong contractions!

SO I did get a call telling me I am on the induction list for tomorrow, but hubby decided he'd take me out, so we got ahold of my in laws who are watching our other four kiddos for us, and they are being watched tonight....I miss them horribly, but its nice to have some time to rest or do whatever to move things along naturally if we can....(would rather not to pitocin if I can get it going natural)....we went to olive garden and got eggplant parmesan then to meijer to get an exercise ball and a movie....I am horrible at counting contractions but they seem SUPER close.....and painful. Any ideas on how to keep track? you would think with this being my fifth baby I would be better at keeping track....they go around my back (lower) and lower to mid belly spreading up to the breastline at times....hubby wanted to go to the beach but I yelled at him....he says I am turning into labor lady...(really rude and dont know what I want :/ ) EEk I am excited but sUPER afraid...yikes.will update as I can....its going to be a busy next 3 days with birth, tubal litigation and recovery....thanks for the positive comments and encouragements.
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