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no heart beat

Went in for my 10 weeks check up first appointment this pregnancy and no heart beat doctor said baby stopped growing at 8 weeks have to choose between d&c or pills scared don't know what to do please help very heartbroken

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  • I am so sorry - we are in a very similar boat. Mine stopped growing at 6w1d and I never saw a heartbeat. I just had a D&C this morning at 10w2d - my second in exactly 6 months (my first january 26th was a blighted ovum diagnosed at 8 weeks). I chose a D&C again this time because after waiting three weeks after official confirmation of the missed miscarriage for it to pass naturally I never had a single cramp or bleeding and an ultrasound revealed my gestational sac was still growing like it was no big deal.

    For me the pro for a D&C is you have some amount of control over the process and you are not awake for the worst of it. I didn't have much pain last time and so far I'm not having any this time. There are risks involved (my D&C does general anasthesia) but there are risks with the cytotec option too, and you can't be gauarunteed you won't need a D&C in the end.

    You don't have to make a decision right away - if you don't have a fever it's ok to take some time to think about your options. There is no need to intervene medically until you are either tired of waiting or you show signs of infection.
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  • I'm so very sorry for your loss. I haven't been in this exact situation but I want you to know that I understand it and that we are here for you. Be gentle with yourself and do whatever feels right as long as it's safe. Hugs!
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  • So sorry for your loss. I also had a mmc discovered at 13 weeks,development stopped at 10 weeks. I could not stand the thought of waiting and saw all the people posting how horrible the pain was, so I opted for a d&c. I went under anesthesia and recovery time was relatively easy. My doctor offered me the same choices as you, however, he did say the cytotec has only really been studied for losses before 7 weeks. Meaning, there is an increased risk of needing a d&c anyway if you take it after the 7 weeks, but obviously not a guarantee that it wouldn't work. What I did, was research between the cytotec and d&c, there are risks with both, then I scheduled an appointment and asked any questions I still had.
  • I'm so sorry about your loss. This happened to me at a routine Dr appointment this past March. I was 17 weeks + 3 days and measuring that size as well. I had to deliver our baby in the hospital via cytogam (I believe that's what it is called). It's a vaginal suppository. It wasn't painful because they gave me IV pain meds, just scary and very emotional. I'm so sorry for your loss. ;(
  • I am so sorry for your loss. I fretted over which choice to make and finally decided on the D&C. It can take a while for your body recognize the loss sometimes up to 6 weeks. I really wanted to pass my baby natural and I was a little mad at my body that it wasn't doing that. I was 12w3d when I found out by US baby stopped growing at 10w6d and had no hb. It was aweful and I am still so heartbroken. I have heard from people close to me that cytotec the pill version can be painful and sometimes you may still end up with the D&C but it will allow you to pass the baby if you want to not have the procedure. If you want to keep the remains of your baby you can still request to do so with the D&C. That helped me alot because we got to plant a tree and had small memorial service for him. That was extremely important for me for closure. I am still very emotional about it but I have a place to go and talk to him and see something grow even though he can't anymore. Sorry this is so long but I hate you are in this situation. Hope this has helped and you can get some closure soon.
  • I'm so sorry for your loss.

    I've had 2 missed m/c, one at 14 wks in 2012 and one at 9 weeks last week. Both times I opted for d&c and I'm glad I did. My body just holds on and I never had spotting or anything. I can't personally imagine waiting weeks to begin to m/c naturally. I'm leery of cytotec since inducing m/c is not the intended use.

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  • I just found out today that I had a mmc. Baby stopped growing at 6.5 weeks and no HB. I am waiting 2 weeks to see if it passes naturally. If not I will need to decide what to do. Good luck and I feel your pain.
  • I found out yesterday as well. I had my first U/s at 12 weeks and there was no heartbeat. We found out the baby stopped growing at around 5 weeks. I would like to pass it naturally because any kind of procedure really scares me. Just kind of playing the waiting game at this point.
  • Sooo sorry for your loss. Sadly, can relate too well like everyone else here. Have had 2 MMC and opted for D&C both times, most recent was 7/9. Physical part of healing left little to complain about... Minimal bleeding, a little crampy for the first 3 days following. Hormone crash was the worst part, making me feel physically depressed on top of the emotional heartache. For me the sense of closure and need to be able to move forward asap was paramount, it was the right option for me... Its such a personal decision, trust your gut and do what feels right for you. Hang in there sweetie, sending you lots of prayers.
  • Same exact thing happened to me. It's s tough journey ahead of you but you'll do ok. I did the D&C because it takes care of the physical part for you. Sending love and prayers
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