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Munchkin Bottle Warmer Measurements??

if anyone has the munchkin bottle warmer could you please tell me how much water each line is?
It'd be super helpful if you could take a picture of the measuring cup also so I could see what line I used to do because I don't remember what letter is was...obviously I lost the measuring cup.

I'm trying to warm up 5oz.

Re: Munchkin Bottle Warmer Measurements??

  • I use 4oz wide bottles from the fridge and it's line E. No idea what that translates to in liquid ounces though. The booklet it came with has a chart; you can probably Google it and find a pdf of the instruction manual online.
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  • This is the chart on the manual
  • The measuring cup
  • To do line E is half an oz..
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    I do up to line 10. Mines in numbers & that's for 4oz
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