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Nicholas Adrian's Speedy Arrival

Short Story:

Team Green turned Team Blue, Nicholas Adrian arrived on July 15th (39w) at 6:45 am weighing 8lb11oz 21.5 inches long and just as handsome as can be.

Longer Story:

3ish am: started feeling mild contractions 10-15 min apart 
4:45 am: called my brother and asked him to come watch our older kids.  I told him I wasn't sure if this was it, but would feel better if he was here.  He told me he would leave right away and would be there in 30 minutes.  I woke DH up a few minutes later and told him I thought today was going to be the day. 
5:09: my MW is paged and calls me right back.  I chat pleasantly with her and still feel really good.  I have a contraction while on the phone with her and am able to easily talk during it.  Despite the fact that it still seems like early labor she asks me to come right in given that our second was a precipitous birth and I was already dilated 3cm70%effaced a week ago.  
5:21: my brother arrives.  We finish getting the car packed up and leave around 5:45, I can still easily walk/talk through contractions.  
5:45ish we get in the car and all of a sudden I am in LABOR!  I am on my knees in the backseat feeling a lot of pressure and being quite vocal.  I considered telling DH to go to the closer hospital because I'm not sure we will make it, but decide to continue as planned.  I am praying my water stays intact because with all the pressure I'm feeling I'm pretty confident the baby is close and a broken bag might make a car delivery a definite possibility.  
6:15ish thankful it is still early so Chicago traffic hasn't really picked up and we arrive at the hospital in good time.  I make my way slowly...very very slowly through the parking lot.  Contractions are right on top of each other and even between contractions I am moving slowly.  I am even more vocal at this point which calls the attention of a cleaning man who runs to get me a wheel chair.  I refuse to get in because I can't sit down.  DH asks me if I feel like pushing and I said, "So much pressure!!"  We continue on and eventually make it to the hallway where there are more wheel chairs.  DH asks me if I'm sure I don't want to a wheel chair to which I reply, "I'm not sure I can sit, but I will try."  He later told me he considered just picking me up and carrying me.  I sit, but leaning to the side because I physically can not sit.  With every contraction I get out and kneel in front of the wheel chair.  We get to the third floor and DH buzzes saying, "I think my wife is in labor" think?! think?! They let us in and I have another contraction in the hallway, this time almost to the point of screaming and I can feel myself opening up I know baby is descending.  Another pregnant lady walking the halls stops to help me get back in my wheel chair.  They direct us to a room down the hall, no triage for me.  I walk into the room, have one contraction and my MW's voice was like an angel as I'm practically screaming she says, "Beautiful, you are doing so wonderful!"  It was so comforting.  They wanted me to lay down on the monitors but I asked my MW to check me first, they instead listen with the Doppler and my MW says, "Yes, baby is right there.  Push when you are ready." Another contraction, I hopped onto the bed, gave it one strong push and out he came at 6:45am.  
6:45 am: DH announces, "It's a boy!" and I think "Are you sure?!"  I was thinking it was a girl and had been right about my other two so it was a true surprise.  DH said he did a double take because he was pretty confident we were having a girl as well.  I fell instantly in love with our little Nicholas and unlike my first two I got to snuggle him and BF him right away.  DD and DS1 had had breathing problems and were taken from my arms almost immediately.  It really was a beautiful thing to be able to hold him for as long as I wanted.  Despite his speedy arrival I did not tear, which has been wonderful recovery wise.  One weird thing, when I got up to use the bathroom the first time, the nurse handed me a cup and asked me to pee in it.  Saying because of Nicholas' precipitous birth it is standard to do a drug test.  A little strange to be drug test, particularly since I have a history of fast births and wasn't tested last time, but it is what it is.  Goes without saying but obviously passed. 

We are all settling in and his brother and sister love him to bits.  It is bittersweet, but we know that Nicholas Adrian was the missing piece of our family and our family is complete.    

Re: Nicholas Adrian's Speedy Arrival

  • This is lovely and so similar to mine (I haven't been in Birth Stories since I gave birth, they were more a help when I was pregnant). Especially the part about the wheelchair! The pain was bearable but the discomfort - not so much. My labour was grand total 2h40mins, but my waters broke the first time at home. Congratulations.
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