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Unhappy When Awake

My son just turned 4 weeks old and is unhappy EVERY time he is awake. He's a good eater, and a decent night time sleeper; but he fights naps and only seems to sleep during the day if he falls asleep right after eating. I know I shouldn't compare, but my older son was nothing like this so I'm at a loss as to what to do. I hate to never see him awake and calm. Any advice from those who've had this issue? He does seem pretty gassy, so I'm thinking of moving to Sensitive formula to see if that helps.
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Re: Unhappy When Awake

  • When you say unhappy, what do you mean?  

    We learned pretty quickly that if we got DS (eight weeks) down immediately when he started to show early signs of being tired, he napped WAY better, started to sleep much longer at night, and we never had the fussy/fighting the nap situations.  Anytime we miss those signs, he's a hot mess. 

    Up until a week or two ago, DS would only be awake for 45-60 minutes (now it's closer to 60 each time). So if your LO is falling asleep right after eating, no worries!  That's what he should be doing. :)
  • ^^^ I agree with the above. I had to put my daughter down for a nap at the first signs of being tired or she would be a mess.

    What's wrong with falling asleep right after eating? That's the only way either of my kids would sleep. Do whatever works.

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