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Ttc and running

I don't know what to do. I had an ectopic almost 2 months again. I finally went back down to 0. I have stated running but not a lot. I want to be in better shape next time I get pregnant but after that I am scared that if I keep exercising I will hurt the baby. Help ladies!

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  • As long as you are running/exercising before you become pregnant you will be fine once you are pregnant. Doctors just do not recommend starting a new type of workout while pregnant.

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  • Starting new exercises while pregnant is ok, but you have to monitor your movement and intensity. Make sure you prevent injury, don't choose a high impact activity, and bring up intensity gradually. For non-athletes, they recommend keeping your heart rate below 140. But don't be afraid to work out. Increasing muscle mass and physical stamina will help you through your pregnancy, and the hardest endurance event: labor! Definitely start now. Try doing 30 min walk/jogs as a start, you can even run while pregnant and not cause harm to the baby... It may just get uncomfortable after a while. Try the elliptical or recumbent bike at that point. Just be sure to stay well hydrated during the activity and through the day. And don't count the water during the activity in with the 8 glasses you should be drinking anyways. Keep your body temperature in check, and workout indoors if it is too hot. But that's for when you get pregnant. For now while you are TTC go ahead and get at it! Do it for you and your future baby :)
  • Run, girl. Running will NOT hurt a pregnancy. I'm a runner and I've had 2 successful pg and 2 losses. The running isn't a factor. Exercise is heavily encouraged during pg these days.

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