3rd Trimester

oh man pray for me today....

supposed to get a call about an elective induction tomorrow, I am SO AFRAID. LIKE TERRIFIED to give birth. My last baby was 11.2 and though I did not tear or anything, it scarred me for life in my memories....my hubby and the midwife hardly got him out, which is the reason this time we are going with the hospital...I know that they are prepared for this sort of thing if he is large, and I know that if the induction cant be tomorrow that its only another 6 days until my "official" due date...sigh...just feel really unsettled and anxious. Plus, the thought of surgery, (tubal litigation) on Wednesday....oh well...thoughts will be with the rest of you will try to update with pics if the induction goes through tomorrow.

Re: oh man pray for me today....

  • All I know is what I am told. I am elective induction, as I am only 39 weeks, the 40 weekers get first dibs. They do the tubal litigation next day, that is what I am told. Induction works within 7 hours for me. every time. this is my fifth baby. I am not due til August 3.
  • when you are "elective" it is never SURE that you will get it, unless no one else who has priority, wants your space.
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