3rd Trimester

FTM- lots of pressure @ 33 wks 5days

Hi. First time mom. 33 weeks and 5 days along today. For 24 hours now I've been having some really strong pressure in my lower adbodomen area, hurts to sit straight in a chair, & to go over any bumps in the car! Will be calling the docs in the AM but kind of wondering what it could be beforehand? I get relief if I lay down or can recline in a chair....even in those positions if baby moves it hurts again.
Thanks for feedback!

Re: FTM- lots of pressure @ 33 wks 5days

  • Sorry you're feeling so uncomfortable! Third time mama here, and it sort of sounds like your baby may be in an odd position. You're also at the point where pressure is just sort of normal.

    It's good that you'll be calling your Dr. though! It's always the best route to take to be safe - you never know!

    Good luck to you.

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