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Baby hair loss

So LO started with these beautiful brown locks all over her head... Rather rapidly, she's gone from having something to brush to an old man in appearance. Now, don't get me wrong, I love 'em bald heads, but oi vey! She has hair on the side and very back, but only peach fuzz elsewhere. She looks hilarious! My sons started bald and kept that loveliness for a year, so this is all new to me. Anyone else have a babe losing hair? Anyone know when it's apt to grow back? Any idea when you can be confident in the color/texture of hair?
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Re: Baby hair loss

  • My little guy lost all of the hair on the top of his head pretty rapidly around the one month mark. We just hit two months and he's finally having some regrowth. It's a different type of hair, though. It's not the soft baby hair he was born with, it's more like my hair. Much thicker :)
  • My LO started losing his around 3.5 weeks, he will be 6 weeks tomorrow and I started to notice new growth last weekend. The image of him in the blackhawks outfit is the day after he was born. The tummy time image is of him yesterday. Drastic change!
  • mindaamindaa
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    My friend was just telling me about this - I had no idea baby hair was like baby teeth :) Was good to hear though, since My DS has a male pattern baldness thing going on - he's never had hair on top, only around the sides, which is freaking DH out.
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    mindaa said:

    My friend was just telling me about this - I had no idea baby hair was like baby teeth :) Was good to hear though, since My DS has a male pattern baldness thing going on - he's never had hair on top, only around the sides, which is freaking DH out.

    Mine too! Lol! My DH was freaked out but our good friends had a baby a week after ours and he has the same thing going on so that made him feel better about it.
  • Yupp my LO went "dr Phil" as my family calls it at around 3 weeks.. It happened very fast. She is growing some back on the top of her head now at 7 weeks! We were thinking it may come back a different color or texture (apparently I was born with brown and it fell out and came back blonde) but it looks like it's the same dark color that she had when she was born!
  • Mine has long brown hair from birth that is thinning but growing longer, and lighter fuzz growing underneath that may have a reddish tint. It's funny to see the same baldness/hair line as DH!

    @swiebe Your babe is so strong on his tummy! My kid can barely lift his head, though he can hold it up when upright. How often are you doing tummy time? And are you doing anything during tummy time to encourage him? My LO just chills on his tummy, lol.
  • My LO is 6 weeks and he's started losing his hair in a ring around the back of his head. I think it's where he's rubbing it against his mattress at night - he tends to roll from side to side while he sleeps. It's going to look really odd if it continues!
  • @virginiaunicorn11 I am so glad you said that. I just had a moment of panic when I saw that picture. Mine is the same way, lifts it up a lot when upright but jot during tummy time. So glad you said something.
  • LO is 4weeks now and he's losing it around the sides. I love he's beautiful brown locks I don't want him to lose them
  • btm013btm013
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    My son is 2 months today and still has a full head of crazy hair. Im waiting for it to thin or fall out. I really hope it doesn't! At first it was jet black but now it's lightening up. It's funny, my sisters each have three children a piece and they are all blonde hair/blue eyes. We seriously look like a polygamist sect when we go out together. But then LO makes an appearance and crushed those genes.
  • This has happened to every baby in my family. Dark hair falls out in a crazy male pattern baldness way, then regrows blond. DS1's regrowth came in red at first than transitioned to white blond. It's always a super awkward few months. LO is 9 weeks and still has a head of thick dark brown hair and I see more growing in at the front. I think we are keeping this head of hair! One boy is pale with shocking white hair, one is very tan looking with dark brown hair. Strange genetic pair but they are both DH's, sure of it!
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  • LO doesn't look like she is losing her hair. Older DD was born with a ton of hair too and hers never fell out either. LO's gets lighter everytime I wash it though. I think the roots may be grower in blonder and it's just hard to tell until it grows out a bit more.
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    My LO still has her full head of dark brown hair and it's getting longer with new hair growth at her hairline but I'm noticing it's starting to thin out on the sides. Maybe that's just because her head is getting bigger?
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