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Loss at 10w 5d, No found chromosomal abnormalities in baby

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I am hoping to find some answers... or comfort in knowing this isn't something I did.

During our first ultrasound, our doctor told us we had a healthy baby measuring 10 weeks, with a heartbeat of 172. We returned for an ultrasound at just about 13 weeks, and were told our little baby no longer had a heartbeat, measuring at 10weeks 5days. The doctor also told us it looked like there was thickening of the neucal folds on the back of her neck, and fluid in her body. That led us to believe she had a chromosomal abnormality. 

The doctor recommended we have genetic testing done on the baby considering our age (DH-28, Me-27), and because we were past 10 weeks. We had the testing and it confirmed she was a girl, we named her Grace, but there were no known chromosomal abnormalities. It has been even harder for me once we found out Grace seemed to be a healthy little baby, but was lost for unknown reasons. Has anyone else experienced a similar situation? Could there have been other things wrong that the genetic testing did not find? 

Re: Loss at 10w 5d, No found chromosomal abnormalities in baby

  • I don't have an answer to your question but I just wanted to say I am sorry for your loss. I think for me having no explanation is the hardest part for me.
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    Did you have any other testing? We had genetic test after 1st MC which showed Trisomy 16. After my 2nd MC they did a full panel work up which came back with MTHFR. It is basically a folic acid deficiency. I would probably request further tests. They said they would check for things like clotting disorders, thyroid, and i think lupus. It was very simple, they just took several vials of blood and results were in about a week later.
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    I'm sorry for your loss!!
  • I am so sorry to hear that! I had a MMC with similar timing as yours. A normal genetic test looks at something called a karyotype (is that what they did for you?). If they did a karyotype, then they only look at obvious abnormalities in the chromosomes, like trisomies (or 3 of one chromosome instead of 2), duplications, big chunks of chromosomes missing or extra pieces. As you can imagine, a single change in the DNA/mutations are not detectable this way, your little girls may have had a less obvious genetic defect, if any. 
    I would check with your doctor whether they would like to investigate some more.

    They sent my angel to do genetic testing but no results came back...something about the cells not growing. I really wanted to find out the sex of ours.

    Wish you the best!
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  • Thank you for your replies. We have not had any additional testing. The doctor does want us to come in for preconceptual counseling before we decide to try again. I'm assuming they will offer us to have the blood panel workup to check about MTHFR possibilities. Has anyone else been encouraged to have preconceptual counseling after their first loss with no chromosome abnormality findings within the baby?
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