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sex after MC

Hi ladies I was wondering if anyone had similar feelings. My husband and I miscarried at 7 weeks about 3 weeks ago this is our 2nd one this year:**(. The first week i had no desire to be intimate regarding sex and he was very supportive. But now that its been 3 weeks he has begun to affect him. We have been having sex but he feels im not into it and its now caused some hurt feelings. I feel really bad he has been so supportive through it all. But when it comes to sex I dont feel the urge or desire. Sex now seems to make me sad, it brings back emotions I dont want to feel, to me it reminds me of the baby we no longer have. Im I crazy that sex makes me sad because of our loss? I feel like it should bring us closer??? I dont know, I need an emotional Vacation :(

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  • What you are feeling is normal. After I lost my first pregnancy, I cried during sex with DH for a week or so. It just made me remember what we'd lost, and it was a sad time. It'll pass. With time.
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  • Thank you @ocnfish4 :) i long for it too pass
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    I have had some of the same feelings. It's hard to feel that way when your heart is broken. It does get better though.
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