Pregnant after a Loss

Pregnancy after multiple D&CS

has anyone had more than one mmc and D&C and still been able to get pregnant and carry to term

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Re: Pregnancy after multiple D&CS

  • No I have no idea. It was only one loss. I'm just obviously paranoid and neurotic that when we go to try again ill get the same terrible results.
  • I will be 33 in November and my fiancé just turned 33 this month. I'm holding off on any testing until my doctor thinks it's necessary. Have you had a successful pregnancy yet?
  • Thank you I appreciate your input. Congratulations on your pregnancy now! Amazing news!!
  • svoldsvold member
    I had two d & c's after I miss carried at 13 weeks. I was told I would be more fertile in the 3-6 months after the procedure, and we got pregnant right away(second cycle trying) once we tried. The only reason it would prevent pregnancy is if it was unusually traumatic. Our ob/gyn told us the instruments they use now are much more gentle then in times past, so that prevents scarring.
  • I've had two MMC's and two D&C's and I'm currently pregnant again. It took longer this time to get pregnant (5 months versus 2 months for the first two times), and it's still very early days, but it is most certainly possible. The more you have the more scarring you get, but svold is right that they are MUCH gentler now than they used to be. My OB told me that after 3 your chances of getting pregnant drop slightly (just due to scar tissue).
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