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Bleeding belly button

My LO is 2 weeks old, his umbilical cord has fallen off. It was 4 days ago and now his belly button is still bleeding enough to get on his doesn't smell or bother him. Just concerns me, anyone else have this happen?

Re: Bleeding belly button

  • 100% normal. my daughter is 2 weeks today and hers still bleeds just enough to get on her onesie. it'll stop soon!
  • My son too!! I was about to call his doctor but I'm happy to hear it's normal!! How long do I wait to bathe him then?
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  • if his cord has fallen off then go right ahead and bathe him! you can clean his belly button now too
  • rae430rae430 member
    Totally normal. We happened to have a pediatrician appointment the day after LO's stump fell off. She put some silver nitrate on it and it stopped the blood/pus within an hour or two. If you're concerned, you can ask your ped to speed up the process.
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