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Co-sleeping, breaking the habit

hi ladies, for better or for worse, we have ourselves a co sleeper. Not ideal for the long term, but I selfishly love the snuggles. ☺️ here is where we are... I can get him to sleep in my bed, then move him to crib. Inevitably, he wakes up around 11 sobbing. The minute I pick him up and put in my bed, he sleeps til 7:30. Any tips on how to break him if needing to sleep with us? Know it's my fault. Would welcome all suggestions. Thx.

Re: Co-sleeping, breaking the habit

  • Ooh we just did this. :( Unfortunately, it took a few days and it was rough. AND we had to leave a bottle with her a few times, even though they say not to. She just had to get used to her crib. We did let her cry a little but always intervened if things started to get out of hand. We just left her for longer and longer periods until she realized it was safe and we would always come back. Probably doesn't help much but hang in there! I think in the end it was harder on me than it was her. 
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  • Within 3 days, we noticed a change in her sleep!
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