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Recent college graduate - need advice

Once I go on 'leave' from my current job, I will be unemployed until I find a job in my field. I'm planning on working until I go into labor or just can't work anymore. I'm just not sure when I should start looking for a new job - now or after baby gets here? My current job doesn't offer any benefits or compensation, so I'd like to go back to work as soon as possible, but I also want to spend as much time as possible with my newborn. Any advice would be much appreciated!

Re: Recent college graduate - need advice

  • eah325eah325 member
    In what type of field will you be seeking work?
  • I would suggest looking into the type of job you want and seeing who is hiring now but not actually applying until after baby is here just in case you get called in for interviews right away. With my first child I started looking for work a month after birth because I thought it would take a few weeks and to my surprise was offered a job 2 weeks later.
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  • RudiiiRudiii member
    My degree is in Psychology and Human Services. I'd really like to work in a non-profit setting.
  • I would use the time after LO arrives to stake out a few organization, make casual contacts, and get applications/resumes in order. It's really hard to guess how long it will take to get a job offer these days, but if you're qualified and the timing is right, it should work out in your favor. It also gives you some time to see what different organizations have to offer as far as a range of positions and benefits are concerned.

    Also, if your college has a alumni association or job placement services, utilize those connections. After baby comes, you can be upfront in any conversation you have with an employer regarding when you'd like to return to work. Having a plan always looks good!
  • eah325eah325 member
    In my state, there's a newsletter that comes out weekly called Non-Profit news. In it, there's a listing of all job offerings during that time. I would look to see if there's something similar where you live and get signed up for the email now. Then you can start scoping out what opportunities interest you now. Good luck!
  • You need to start now. At least putting out applications. That way you give them time to look at all your information while you have
  • I'm not sure I'd start looking this early just for the mere fact that anybody hiring now will most likely want to fill the position before Oct/Nov (or whenever you plan to go back to work). Are you planning to at least take 6 weeks off before working again? I'm not sure what your daycare arrangements are but keep in mind that a lot of daycares can't take babies until they're at least 6 weeks old unless you have a friend or family member that will watch them before then. Whatever you decide to do, I wish you luck :)
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