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Trouble adjusting

I'm a mom of 2 now. I remember having a hard time adjusting to life with one baby, and now two is absolutely crazy, and I'm struggling, and very stressed. I'm afraid I'm screwing up my older son because I feel like I yell a lot now out of frustration or stress. Any experienced moms of 2 or more have advice? I would really appreciate it.

Re: Trouble adjusting

  • I am not a Mom of two, but just wanted to give you some love.  I'm sure you're doing a great job!  
  • I'm in the same boat. I have a three year old , and dealing with toddler and newborn issues is very stressful !! I catch myself being agitated by my three year old. Now that I'm aware I make it a point to spend special time with my tot while my hubs takes care of my newborn. It will get better !!! It takes time to get the new addition adjusted as well as the entire family
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  • I thought I replied to this but maybe not. You are definitely NOT alone. I struggled more with my second child than I ever did with my first because of this very reason. My son is 3.5 and my daughter is now 9 months and trust me when I say it gets BETTER! Enjoyable actually!

    Try to hang in there because it does get easier and you will get less frustrated/agitated. It's hard having 2 young children.

  • erin79erin79 member
    I'm going through the same thing.  I have a 3 month old daughter, and my son just turned 4.  My 4-year old is driving me crazy!  My patience level with him is already low because I have the stress of a baby, but I think he is also purposely acting out just to get any kind of attention from me and DH.  It sucks.  We've resorted to yelling at him all the time because he just won't listen and do what we ask him to do.

    We've made a concerted effort the past couple of days to keep our cool and not yell, and it seems to have helped a little bit.  The yelling doesn't seem to accomplish anything except make us all feel crappy, and I hate ending our days like that.  Not that he hasn't done anything that makes me want pull my hair out, but I feel like without us feeding into it with the yelling, it doesn't escalate as far.

    I've also been reading about making sure that your child's "attachment tank" is full, which means that they really need 1-on-1 time with each parent to feel secure or it will result in acting out.  Kind of hard to fill that tank right now with a baby, but we're trying to make more of an effort.
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