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Feeling sad...vent..trigger; Loss mentioned

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Having an emotional evening. I'm currently 9 weeks pregnant with my rainbow baby, but today I miss my son Ryan who gained his wings too soon at 25 weeks in December 2014. His due date was supposed to be April 4th. I'm so excited for another chance to have a baby in our arms, but I still miss my son so much. I keep wondering what he would have been like... How big he would be and what milestones he would have hit by now. Trying hard to be greatful for what I have, but sometimes it's so hard.

Re: Feeling sad...vent..trigger; Loss mentioned

  • Thanks for listening, plainjane. Feeing more positive today! Sadness just hit me like a wave yesterday.
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  • It still happens to me. Just go with it, I feel like our son needs our thoughts, too. Here's my email if you ever get blue and want to chat, or just remember them and we can swap stories!
  • nram25nram25 member
    Omg Babyberg1012 I feel the same exact way now especially being that today mama baby girls turned 3 and it doesn't seen like it's been that long but I'm now thankful for their little sister and brother who's due Dec. 3.. Awww hugs I wish both of you guys the best
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    I am currently 29 weeks with my rainbow & I think about my son a lot. His due date was in April like yours. You are not alone!
  • I'm 11 weeks and think about my son Caleb constantly. It's impossible not to. We actually conceived this pregnancy before my sons due date... So in my head I keep thinking this rainbow shouldn't exist if Caleb had not died.
    I think what we are feeling is normal. We will never stop grieving our children and pregnancy will always have a different feel for us now that we experienced the most devastating thing we could ever go through.
    But know you are not alone. We're all on this journey with you and understand your sadness. Big hugs!
  • Thanks, ladies! Wishing you all happy and healthy pregnancies too! ❤️
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