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Light bleeding with intercourse

Hi everyone. Wasn't really sure which board to post this on so please forgive me if its not in the right place. I had a chemical pregnancy in June. I was 4w2d. Although it was very early it's been a difficult time. I didn't need to have a D&C and just had heavy bleeding and clotting for almost 2 weeks. About 5 weeks later AF arrived and I am expecting to ovulate at some point this week. The first time we had sex after I stopped bleeding there was no bleeding, pain or cramping. The next few times we also fine with no problems. We had sex last night and everything was great but this morning I woke up and when I used the bathroom and wiped there was blood. Not bright red or dark but light red almost pink. It was only there when I wiped and it has been happening all day. I went to go change the sheets on the bed and now noticed a light red stain on the sheets so I must have bled last night during intercourse. I am worried because we would like to TTC again soon. I called my doctor but couldn't get in until next week. Has this happened to anyone? I'm sooo worried that this means something is wrong and I won't be able to conceive again after this loss :(
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