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Miscarriage/Pregnancy Loss

How long will this carry on?(getting frustrated!)

I've had several losses. This is #4. I had one in April at 9weeks and took cytotec with no luck so did d&c. Got pregnant immediately without a cycle. The sacs in my uterus both stopped growing around 5w4 days or so. I started apotting around 4w and thought it was a chemical pregnancy. However my numbers were low but we're doubling. They only got up to 3600 or so. They couldn't guarantee there wasn't something in my tubes as well due to not being able to visualize the left side and the spotting and abnormal levels. Wed(7/8) I received cytotec and methotrexate for pregnancy of unknown location. I bled 8hours after the first cytotec but it was light flow, no clots. 2nd dose cytotec the next day and nothing happened just some light spotting and cramping. 7/14 had a light to medium bleeding start for a few hours then stopped. 7/17 another day of light to medium flow for a few hours. All of these bleeding episodes never made it to a pad, just when wiping. I've had off and on spotting every few days for 5-20 mins, nothing much at all. I'm now 13 days past the cytotec and shot and supposed to be 10w4d and spotting again today heavily but not much. How long can I expect this to drag out? Beta 7/7 was 3400, 7/11 was 2800 so it is dropping. I got another level today and awaiting those results but shouldn't I be bleeding more? This is lighter than my lightest period day so I'm concerned that I'll need anger d&c. At this point I'd like to just get a d&c and get it done!
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