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months post miscarriage and having pelvic and flank pains

Hi everyone,

I have posted many many times and sorry I am repeating myself.  Just need some advice and support.  I am truly sorry for everyone who had and is going through  a miscarriage.
I send out love and light to all.  My issues seem to be non-stop since i miscarried on May 21st at about 7 weeks along. I had a natural miscarriage, with some minor issues. Extra bleeding and a cyst found on my left ovary.  But the main issue now is - well for the last about 6 weeks i have been having this odd pain/soreness on my right side.  It goes from my pelvis/ovary area to my flank area.
The GYN did a sonogram and said all looked ok and my MD ordered a renal sonogram - said kidneys were fine (bc symptoms matched kidney stones he checked for that). Blood test is normal.  Going back to MD today.  I am just a nervous wreck. Not sure what this is.  Anyone have weird pains post miscarriage (as i said MC  was months ago).  Thanks guys :)

Re: months post miscarriage and having pelvic and flank pains

  • I'm sorry I don't have any advice, just wanted to send support and sympathy. I've been having weird mystery pains in my pelvic area and legs since my miscarriage on 6/27. Everyone keeps telling me it's anxiety, which I'm still not convinced of. I hope you get real answers soon. Xo
  • I was diagnosed with interstatial cystitis post my d&e last year maybe look into that?

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  • @vintagevice - thanks so much :)))  i hope you feel better soon.  This is just so annoying and uncomfortable! 
  • keiragann - thanks so much :)  I will look into that.  Sorry you had to go through that.
    Uggh - why can't this all just be over with  - it's this lingering sadness and pain that just doesn't go away.
  • Once again the Doctor has no clue. So sending me for a more thorough sonogram at the lab place.
    Based on that - may need a CT scan of pelvic and stomach (which the insurance originally denied) or a colonoscopy.
    In the meantime the pain seems to be worsening and i am thinking it is my right ovary.  Ugh - i am so annoyed, irritable, uncomfortable, worried and depressed.  On top of that i feel guilty for a million reasons.   
  • Went for pelvic sonogram today.  The tech was going to just do the external kind.  Then she said i can't see your right ovary and continued to do the internal(trans) kind.  She seemed concerned.  It took a while.  I am worried sick to my stomach.  Wondering why couldn't she see ovary - was something blocking it.  Or was it bc she wasn't seeing any issue form external and since pain was on the right side - needed to check it.  Ugh! 
  • Update - in case anyone out there :))))  The diagnostic sonogram came back ok (aside from small cyst on left ovary and small fibroid - which we knew) - which was known  but should  not be causing pain.  So doc sent me to GI doc, he sent me for CT scan of abdomen and pelvic region with contrast.  Going to GI doctor tomorrow for follow up.  Really really really nervous.  Hoping it's very minor and treatable.  Do feel a bit better.  The stress of waiting for results and then going into these doctors is so much.  Anyway - sending out good vibes to all :) I could use some positive vibes myself.
  • Best of luck to you! I hope you get some answers and they are easy to fix.
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  • ceclarlinetlo - thank so much xoxoxo
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