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Being induced

I go in this Thursday evening to be induced! Any moms who have experienced this have any tips? And what to expect. We are trying to do without epidural but does pitocin really increase pain?

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  • I had to be induced with my first. Mine didn't work. They tried to insert a pill 2 times and nothing. Water broke on it's own 3 hours after they stopped trying. Hope all goes well for you!
  • Get the epidural! Was induced last week and the contractions began very strong. Was in labor for 13 hours and got the epidural 2 hours made the day go much smoother.
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  • Please get the epidural. I was induced and it was a very smooth process. They started the cervadil to soften my cervix around 7pm. Around 3am my water broke and the pain was super intense. I received the epidural around 4am. AroundIt helped with pain like instantly. Around 6 am they started the piticon. I went from a 2 to 6 within a few hours. By 9 am I was at a 10. I pushed for 1 hour then he was delivered.
  • I have the same questions will be induced Friday night... With cervdil? It's a agent that is used for ripening the cervix.. I'm kinda nervous
  • I'm currently in the hospital being induced! Started last night around 7:30 with cervidil it was annoying but not painfull, then pitocin this morning around 8. The pitocin definitely makes the contractions go but it wasn't too bad for me until they had upper the dosage quite a few times. At that point I was sweating and having a hard time breathing through the pain. I got the epidural and am glad I did. I don't know how I would have finished the day with out it. I didn't have an epidural with my first child and it was HARD. It was nice to do it all on my own with her but I just couldn't today. Be open to help if you need it and don't be too nervous about induction. I was so anxious but it's all workin out great and I get to meet my little man soooo soooon!!!!
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