pre-eclampsia moms - question about extreme foot pain post-delivery

Hi there, I delivered my baby 16 days ago at 31 weeks due to pre-eclampsia. I had extremely swollen feet (and hands) and the swelling has since subsided. However, I wake up most nights in severe pain in my feet (only one or the other, not both at the same time). It's like the muscle is being pulled somehow and my feet literally look like they are morphing. They become extremely bent/twisty and this lasts for a few minutes. 

I previously mentioned it to my doctor but I still had swelling then and wasn't really able to communicate anything more than that it was painful and tight until one night I actually turned on the lights to see it. I will definitely be calling again and this time I took photos to show her but was wondering if anyone had something similar.  

I'm definitely well hydrated as that was the question before if I was taking in enough fluids. 
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Re: pre-eclampsia moms - question about extreme foot pain post-delivery

  • Wow that sounds frustrating and painful! I had the severe swelling of the feet with my preeclampsia but nothing like you are describing. Good luck getting to the bottom of it and/or hope it stops soon!
  • I don't have pain but my feet are kind of numb. I asked my ob about it and she just kind of shrugged it off.
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  • It sort of sounds like a Charlie horse type reaction. I'm not certain if certain vitamin deficiencies can play a role (I would google causes and symptoms).
  • I delivered at 33w5d because of sudden, severe preeclampsia. It took about a week for the swelling in my feet to go down. Once it did, I started getting the same pains (minus the morphing) through my feet and calves. I'm 10 almost 11 weeks postpartum and it's finally going away.
  • I had extreme swelling too- i lost 15 lbs the week after my c section because of it, not the diet i had hoped for. I had terribly restless legs issues afterward but no extreme pains, that sounds awful!
  • I had severe Pre-e and delivered at 32 weeks (she is now 12 weeks after a 4 week stop through NICU). I was severely swollen in my feet (hooves), legs (stiff sausages hard to walk), belly, hips, hands and my face - well my face looked like a smashed crab for the last couple of weeks I was in hospital - my feature became distorted after sleeping flat and would drain through the day. I lost 45lbs in water in a week after delivery. My skin broke out in a massive itchy rash as it had been stretched and then very quickly shrunk but... I didn't have pain in my feet!
  • This is super old but I had really really sore feet after my twins were born, I developed pre eclampsia too and delivered at 36 weeks. It took about a year and then it just went away.  I went to a podiatrist and got orthotics and obv as soon as I did that the paint went away. 
  • I'm going through the same thing and I'm only 2 Weeks postpartum. I soak my feet every night and it numbs the pain a little. The 'charlie horse' pain is from being swollen for so long to that extent. I know the pain Will subside after a while bc its already slacking up
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